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Measurement Topic: Greenhouse Management

CT.21.H11.01.01 Understand greenhouse function, design and structure (CTE: PLSC.08.01)

CT.21.H11.02.01 Understand the process for selection of Greenhouse Growing Media (CTE: PLSC.08.05)

CT.21.H11.03.01 Understand and apply practices for greenhouse plant nutrition and growth (CTE: PLSC.08.06)

CT.21.H11.04.01 Understand the selection of greenhouse irrigation systems (CTE: PLSC.08.04)

CT.21.H11.05.01 Identify and analyze greenhouse operation practices (CTE: PLSC.08.08)

Measurement Topic: Plant Science

CT.21.H51.03.01 Understand plant growth and development (CTE: PLSC .03.03)

CT.21.H51.04.01 Understand the anatomy and function of plants parts (CTE: PLSC.03.05)

CT.21.H51.05.01 Identify plants according to different methods of classification and identification (CTE: PLSC.03.02)

Measurement Topic: Principles of Floral Design

CT.21.H21.02.01 Understand and apply the principles of floral design (CTE: PLSC.10)

CT.21.H21.03.01 Understanding handling and processing procedures (CTE: PLSC.10.04)

CT.21.H21.04.01 Understand and demonstrate floral construction techniques (CTE: PLSC.10.05)

Measurement Topic: Safety Procedures

CT.21.H31.01.01 Understand and apply safety procedures in the work environment (CTE: PSTS.02

Measurement Topic: Tools and Materials

CT.21.H41.01.01 Identify, use and store/maintain tools and materials (CTE: PSTS.03)

Measurement Topic: Water Resources

CT.21.H61.01.01 Describe the water cycle

CT.21.H61.02.01 Describe soil plant and water Interactions (CTE: PLSC.05.04)

CT.21.H61.03.01 Understand irrigation methods, systems, and equipment (CTE: PLSC.05.03)

Measurement Topic: Xeriscaping

CT.21.H71.01.01 Explain the principles of xeriscaping (CTE: PLSC.09.02)