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Technology Level PR ~ Tecnología Nivel PR

Technology Level IN ~ Tecnología Nivel IN

Technology Level MS ~ Tecnología Nivel MS

Technology Level HS ~ Tecnología Nivel HS

Technology Resources for All

Digital Citizenship

Common Sense Media
Common Sense Media Common Sense Media offers this FREE Digital Literacy and Citizenship Curriculum to help educators empower their students and their school communities to be safe, responsible, and savvy as they navigate this fast-paced digital world. This resource includes curriculum for Kindergarten through 12th grade as well as parent education.

Note the Technology Measurement Topics will be undergoing a significant revision throughout the summer of 2009. If you are working on developing materials or resources for a specific learning target please verify you are working from the most recent version.

Please submit Technology artifacts to one of the individuals listed below with a notation as to the Learning Target number it addresses.
Kevin Byers,
Marcia Dellacroce,
Jennifer Hackenberg,
Brad McGarvey,
Seth Abbott,

Understanding the D50 Standards Based System




Technology Measurement Topic Team Resources