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Social Studies Level PK Capacity Matrices

Social Studies Level PK Vocabulary

Resources aligned to the old Social Studies Level R v2 which addresses content in the new Social Studies Level PK v3



Measurement Topic: SS.PK.P11 Change and sequence over time Capacity Matrix SS.PK.P11

SS.PK.P11.01.03 Use words and phrases correctly related to chronology and time. Words to include but not limited to past, present future, before, now, and later. (CAS: PS.1.1.a)

SS.PK.P11.02.03 Select examples from pictures that illustrate past, present, and future. (CAS: PS.1.1.b)

SS.PK.P11.03.03 Sequence a simple set of activities or events. (CAS: PS.1.1.c)

SS.PK.P11.04.03 Identify an example of change over time on topics to include but not limited to their own growth. (CAS: PS.1.1.c)


Measurement Topic: SS.PK.P21 Develop spatial understanding, perspectives, and connections to the world Capacity Matrix SS.PK.P21

SS.PK.P21.01.03 Use positional phrasing. Phrases to include but not limited to: over and under, here and there, inside and outside, up and down. (CAS: PS.2.1.a)

SS.PK.P21.02.03 Identify common places to include but limited to home, school, cafeteria, and gymnasium. (CAS: PS.2.1.b)

SS.PK.P21.03.03 Describe surroundings. (CAS: PS.2.1.c)

SS.PK.P21.04.03 Use pictures to locate familiar places. (CAS: PS.2.1.d)

SS.PK.P21.05.03 Use nonlinguistic representations to show understanding of geographic terms. (CAS: PS.2.1.e)


Measurement Topic: SS.PK.P31 People work to meet wants and needs Capacity Matrix SS.PK.P31

SS.PK.P31.01.03 Explain that people work (produce) for an income. (CAS: PS.3.1.a)

SS.PK.P31.02.03 Discuss that money is used to buy items that the student or family wants. (CAS: PS.3.1.b)

SS.PK.P31.03.03 Give examples to distinguish spending from saving. (CAS: PS.3.1.c)

Measurement Topic: SS.PK.P32 Recognize money and identify its purpose Capacity Matrix SS.PK.P32

SS.PK.P32.01.03 Recognize coins and currency as money. (CAS: PS.3.2.a)

SS.PK.P32.02.03 Identify how money is used as a medium of exchange. (CAS: PS.3.2.b)

SS.PK.P32.03.03 Discuss why we need money. (CAS: PS.3.2.c)


Measurement Topic: SS.PK.P41 Individuals have unique talents and work with others in groups Capacity Matrix SS.PK.P41

SS.PK.P41.01.03 Recognize membership in family, neighborhood, school, team, and various other groups and organizations. (CAS: PS.4.1.a)

SS.PK.P41.02.03 Name groups to which they belong and identify the leader(s). (CAS: PS.4.1.b)

SS.PK.P41.03.03 Identify examples of times when people can play different roles and bring unique talents to a variety of groups. (CAS: PS.4.1.c)

Measurement Topic: SS.PK.P42 Rules and their purpose in allowing groups to work effectively Capacity Matrix SS.PK.P42

SS.PK.P42.01.03 Explain that groups have rules. (CAS: PS.4.2.a)

SS.PK.P42.02.03 Recognize interpersonal boundaries. (CAS: PS.4.2.b)

SS.PK.P42.03.03 Exert self-control. (CAS: PS.4.2.c)

SS.PK.P42.04.03 Interact positively with others. (CAS: PS.4.2.d)

SS.PK.P42.05.03 Give examples of some rules that are permanent and some that change. (CAS: PS.4.2.e)

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