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Social Studies Level 11 Capacity Matrices

Social Studies Level 11 Vocabulary



Measurement Topic: SS.10.E31 Productive resources - natural, human, capital - are scarce; therefore, choices made about how individuals, businesses, governments, and societies allocate these resources Capacity Matrix SS.10.E31

SS.10.E31.01.03 Analyze the relationships between economic goals and the allocation of scarce resources. (CAS: HS.3.1.a)

SS.10.E31.02.03 Explain how economic choices by individuals, businesses, governments, and societies incur opportunity costs . (CAS: HS.3.1.b)

SS.10.E31.03.03 Understand that effective decision-making requires comparing the additional (marginal) costs of alternatives with the additional (marginal) benefits. (CAS: HS.3.1.c)

SS.10.E31.04.03 Identify influential entrepreneurs and describe how they have utilized resources to produce goods and services. (CAS: HS.3.1.d)




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