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Social Studies Performance Levels

Social Studies Level PK~ Estudios Sociales Nivel PK

Social Studies Level 00~ Estudios Sociales Nivel 00

Social Studies Level 01~ Estudios Sociales Nivel 01

Social Studies Level 02~ Estudios Sociales Nivel 02

Social Studies Level 03~ Estudios Sociales Nivel 03

Social Studies Level 04~ Estudios Sociales Nivel 04

Social Studies Level 05~ Estudios Sociales Nivel 05

Social Studies Level 06~ Estudios Sociales Nivel 06

Social Studies Level 07~ Estudios Sociales Nivel 07

Social Studies Level 08~ Estudios Sociales Nivel 08

Social Studies Level 09~ Estudios Sociales Nivel 09

Social Studies Level 10~ Estudios Sociales Nivel 10

Social Studies Level 11~ Estudios Sociales Nivel 11

Social Studies Level 12~ Estudios Sociales Nivel 12

Social Studies Resources for All

BetterLesson BetterLesson is a social curriculum management site where educators develop and share high-quality lessons, best practices, and ideas. Featured files are broken down by elementary, middle school, and high school for math, science, social studies, and English aligned to the Common Core. (Provided by BMGF) provides free educational videos for all content areas aligned to the Common Core where applicable. The site includes videos for teachers as well.
iCivics Since 2008, iCivics has worked to create an innovative game-centered approach to civic education. Founded and led by Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, iCivics provides students with the tools they need for active participation and democratic action, and teachers with the materials and support to achieve this. The curriculum is designed for middle and early high school, the years during which it is critically important that students become engaged – not necessarily in traditional civic action, but in understanding that their opinions, ideas, and intelligence matter in public spheres. iCivics games place students in different civic roles and give them agency to address real-world problems and issues. iCivics games are integrated with other curricular materials and rooted in clear learning objectives. The games, lesson plans, and web quests that make up the curriculum are grouped into topical units, but also can be used independently, providing educators with maximum flexibility. As such, the iCivics curriculum works in real classrooms: it is easy to use, engaging, and aligned to state standards, and Common Core in Literacy for History/Social Studies. (Provided by BMGF)
The Curfew
The Curfew The Curfew is an adventure web-game created by Littleloud, published by Channel 4 and written by acclaimed comic book author, Kieron Gillen. Set in 2027 in the heart of an authoritarian security state, The Curfew could be described as a miniature Canterbury Tales set in a not-so-distant future, where citizens must abide by government security measures and 'sub citizens' are placed under curfew at night. The player must navigate this complex political world and engage with the characters they meet along the way to work out who they should trust in order to gain freedom.
MissionUS Mission US is a multimedia project that immerses players in U.S. history content through free interactive games.
Mission 1: “For Crown or Colony?” puts players in the shoes of Nat Wheeler, a printer’s apprentice in 1770 Boston. They encounter both Patriots and Loyalists, and when rising tensions result in the Boston Massacre, they must choose where their loyalties lie.
In Mission 2: “Flight to Freedom,” players take on the role of Lucy, a 14-year-old slave in Kentucky. As they navigate her escape and journey to Ohio, they discover that life in the “free” North is dangerous and difficult. In 1850, the Fugitive Slave Act brings disaster. Will Lucy ever truly be free?
Westminster History Resources
The Westminster History - Student Book and the Westminster History - Teacher Resource Guide written by Janice A. Morrow, M. Ed. can be printed for use in Adams 50 schools through the Adams 50 Print Shop.
Guide to the D50 Social Studies Standards Numbering System

Note the Social Studies Measurement Topics under went a large scale revision. If you are working on developing materials or resources for a specific learning target please verify you are working from the most recent version.

Please submit Social Studies artifacts to one of the following individuals with a notation as to the Learning Target Number it addresses.
Matthew Brothers,
Greg Russo,
Pam Penington,
Lisa Morris,
Melinda Frates,

Understanding the D50 Standards Based System




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