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Science Level 01 Capacity Matrices

Physical Science

Measurement Topic: SC.01.111 Solids and liquids have unique properties that distinguish them Capacity Matrix SC.01.111

SC. Analyze and interpret observations about solids and liquids and their unique properties (CAS: 1.1.1.a)

SC. Identify the similarities and differences of two or more groups of solids or liquids (CAS: 1.1.1.b)

SC. Classify solids and liquids based on their properties, and justify your choice based on evidence (CAS: 1.1.1.c)

Life Science

Measurement Topic: SC.01.121 Offspring have characteristics that are similar to but not exactly like their parents' characteristics Capacity Matrix SC.01.121

SC. Use evidence to analyze similarities and differences between parents and offspring in a variety of organisms including both plants and animals (CAS: 1.2.1.a)

SC. Analyze and interpret data regarding the similarities and differences between parents and offspring(CAS: 1.2.1.b)

SC. Question peers about evidence used in developing ideas about similarities and differences between parents and offspring (CAS: 1.2.1.c)

SC. Interpret information represented in pictures, illustrations, and simple charts(CAS: 1.2.1.d)

Measurement Topic: SC.01.122 An organism is a living thing that has physical characteristics to help it survive Capacity Matrix SC.01.122

SC. Identify organisms and use evidence based scientific explanations for classifying them into groups (CAS: 1.2.2.a)

SC. Analyze and interpret data about the needs of plants and animals (CAS: 1.2.2.b)

SC. Use direct observations and other evidence to support ideas concerning physical characteristics that help plants and animals survive (CAS: 1.2.2.c)

Earth Systems Science

Measurement Topic: SC.01.131 Earth's materials can be compared and classified based on their properties Capacity Matrix SC.01.131

SC. Identify and represent similarities and differences such as the texture, size, color, and shape of various materials on Earth (CAS: 1.3.1.a)

SC. Sort, group, and classify Earth's materials based on observations and explorations (CAS: 1.3.1.b)

SC. Make predictions about how a material on Earth might be useful based on its properties (CAS: 1.3.1.c)

SC. Communicate ideas about the differences between soils from different places (CAS: 1.3.1.d)

SC. Use a variety of tools to observe, analyze, record, and compare Earth's materials (CAS: 1.3.1.e)

SC. Analyze the impact of reducing, reusing, and recycling various materials (CAS: 1.3.1.f)

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