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Science Level 00 Capacity Matrices

Physical Science

Measurement Topic: SC.00.K11 Objects can move in a variety of ways that can be described by speed and direction Capacity Matrix SC.00.K11

SC.00.K11.01.03 Observe, investigate, and describe how different objects move (CAS: K.1.1.a)

SC.00.K11.02.03 Describe the motion of a child who is playing (CAS: K.1.1.b)

Measurement Topic: SC.00.K12 Objects can be sorted by physical properties, which can be observed and measured Capacity Matrix SC.00.K12

SC.00.K12.01.03 Observe, investigate, and describe how objects can be sorted using their physical properties (CAS: K.1.2.a)

SC.00.K12.02.03 Explain why objects are sorted into categories (CAS: K.1.2.b)

SC.00.K12.03.03 Sort a set of objects based on their physical characteristics, and then explain how the objects are sorted (CAS: K.1.2.c)

Life Science

Measurement Topic: SC.00.K21 Organisms can be described and sorted by their physical characteristics Capacity Matrix SC.00.K21

SC.00.K21.01.03 Sort a group of items based on observable characteristics (CAS: K.2.1.a)

SC.00.K21.02.03 Communicate and justify an evidence-based scientific rationale for sorting organisms into categories(CAS: K.2.1.b)

Earth Systems Science

Measurement Topic: SC.00.K31 SC.00.K31 The Sun provides heat and light to Earth Capacity Matrix SC.00.K31

SC.00.K31.01.03 Investigate, explain, and describe that the Sun provides heat and light to Earth(CAS: K.3.1.a)

SC.00.K31.02.03 Analyze and interpret temperature data between day (when the Sun shines on our area) and night (when the Sun does not shine on our area) (CAS: K.3.1.b)

SC.00.K31.03.03 Investigate and communicate findings about what happens when the Sun's light is blocked (CAS: 3.1.c)

SC.00.K31.04.03 Investigate and communicate the effect of varying heat and light on the growth of plants through a scientific study (CAS: K.1.3.d)

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