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SS.21.H11.01.01 Analyze why the distribution of power and inequalities can result in conflict

SS.21.H11.02.01 Analyze and evaluate characteristics of groups and their effects on individuals and societies

SS.21.H11.03.01 Interpret the effects of social inequality on groups and individuals

SS.21.H11.04.01 Explain and distinguish the sociological perspectives

SS.21.H12.01.01 Describe and compare a variety of quantitative and qualitative research methods

SS.21.H13.01.01 Differentiate between the structures and functions of the various parts of the central nervous system

SS.21.H13.02.01 Discuss the mechanisms of, and the importance of, plasticity of the nervous system

SS.21.H13.03.01 Describe the effects of hormones on behavior and mental processes

SS.21.H13.04.01 Discuss issues related to scientific advances in neuroscience and genetics

SS.21.H13.05.01 Compare theories about the functions of sleep

SS.21.H14.02.01 Discuss the influences of biological, cultural, and environmental factors on intelligence

SS.21.H14.03.01 Describe attributional explanations of behavior

SS.21.H15.02.01 Discuss how individuals and groups influence behavior

SS.21.H21.02.01 Evaluate the methods of research used in collecting social data

SS.21.H31.01.01 Propose and evaluate alternative responses to inequality

SS.21.H31.02.01 Analyze how social structures and cultures develop and change

SS.21.H31.04.01 Analyze and evaluate the influence of the primary agents of socialization