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Physical Education Level 07 Vocabulary

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Movement Competence and Understanding

Measurement Topic: PE.07.711 Combine the critical elements of movement and skill concepts Capacity Matrix PE.07.711

PE.07.711.A0.03 Design and perform dance sequences that combine traveling, balancing, and weight transfer into smooth, flowing sequences with changes in direction, speed and flow (CAS: 7.1.1.a)

PE.07.711.B0.03 Cooperate with another student to create, develop, and refine movement routines based on a theme (CAS: 7.1.1.b)

PE.07.711.C0.03 Create a game, movement, dance or sport with a group (CAS: 7.1.1.c)

PE.07.711.D0.03 Identify and describe key elements in the mature performance of sport specific skills (CAS: 7.1.1.d)

PE.07.711.E0.03 Analyze movement patterns and correct errors (CAS: 7.1.1.e)

PE.07.711.F0.03 Use principles from motor learning (part vs. whole) skill development to establish, monitor and meet goals (CAS: 7.1.1.f)

PE.07.711.G0.03 Compare and contrast the effectiveness of part vs. whole in skill development (CAS: 7.1.1.g)

PE.07.711.H0.03 Diagram and demonstrate basic offensive and defensive strategies for individual and dual physical activities (CAS: 7.1.1.h)

PE.07.711.I0.03 Develop an individual or dual game that uses a manipulative skill, two different offensive strategies, and a scoring system, and teach it to another person (CAS: 7.1.1.i)

Physical and Personal Wellness

Measurement Topic: PE.07.72D Adjust personal goals to reflect growth and improvement needs in health related fitness Capacity Matrix PE.07.72D

PE.07.72D.X0.03 Organize and maintain a physical activity log

PE.07.72D.Y0.03 Set and adjust new personal goals to reflect improvement of health related fitness

PE.07.72D.Z0.03 Design a basic fitness plan that includes all health related components of fitness

Emotional and Social Wellness

Measurement Topic: PE.07.731 Develop strategies to communicate ideas and feelings Capacity Matrix PE.07.731

PE.07.731.A0.03 Demonstrate cooperation with peers of different backgrounds through verbal and nonverbal behavior (CAS: 7.3.1.a)

PE.07.731.B0.03 Consider the consequences of various choices and make a responsible decision when confronted with negative peer pressure (CAS: 7.3.1.b)

Measurement Topic: PE.07.732 Demonstrate inclusiveness in and out of classroom setting Capacity Matrix PE.07.732

PE.07.732.A0.03 Seek out participation with and show respect for a peer with varying skill ability (CAS: 7.3.2.a)

PE.07.732.B0.03 Participate in group cooperation games and adventure activities to encourage team building and fun (CAS: 7.3.2.b)

PE.07.732.C0.03 Modify a game to allow all members to participate (CAS: 7.3.2.c)

PE.07.732.D0.03 Recognize the role of physical activity in getting to know and understand others of similar and different backgrounds (CAS: 7.3.2.d)

Measurement Topic: PE.07.73D Demonstrate cooperative participation with a positive attitude in group and/or individual activity Capacity Matrix PE.07.73D

PE.07.73D.X0.03 I can demonstrate respect for a person who is officiating/leading an activity

PE.07.73D.Y0.03 I can participate fully with a positive and productive attitude and effort within a group or individual setting

PE.07.73D.Z0.03 I can show respect for an activity and the equipment

Prevention and Risk Management in Physical Education

Measurement Topic: PE.07.741 Implement safety procedures in utilization of space and equipment Capacity Matrix PE.07.741

PE.07.741.A0.03 Identify and participate in safe warm-up and cool-down activities (CAS: 7.4.1.a)

PE.07.741.B0.03 Review components of safe participation and what makes a safe environment (CAS: 7.4.1.b)

PE.07.741.C0.03 Follow the rules of activities to maintain safe playing conditions (CAS: 7.4.1.c)

PE.07.741.D0.03 Describe safe and unsafe practices for different physical activities (CAS: 7.4.1.d)

Measurement Topic: PE.07.74D Prepared with proper athletic attire Capacity Matrix PE.07.74D

PE.07.74D.X0.03 I can dress out daily in the appropriate P.E. attire

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