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Physical Education Level 07 Vocabulary

Physical Education Level 07 v3 Capacity Matrices


Movement Competence and Understanding

Measurement Topic: Movement Skills

PE.07.711.01.03 Combine the critical elements of movement and skill concepts(CAS: 7.1.1)

Physical and Personal Wellness

Measurement Topic: Lifelong Fitness

PE.07.72D.01.03 Adjust personal goals to reflect growth and improvement needs in health related fitness

Emotional and Social Wellness

Measurement Topic: Sportsmanship

PE.07.731.01.03 Develop strategies to communicate ideas and feelings (CAS: 7.3.1)

PE.07.731.02.03 Demonstrate inclusiveness in and out of classroom setting (CAS: 7.3.2)

PE.07.73D.01.03 Demonstrate cooperative participation with a positive attitude in group and/or individual activity

Prevention and Risk Management in Physical Education

Measurement Topic: Safe and Responsible Behavior

PE.07.741.01.03 Imnplement safety procedures in utilization of space and equipment(CAS: 7.4.1)

PE.07.74D.01.03 Prepared with proper athletic attire

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