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Physical Education Level 03 Vocabulary

Physical Education Level 03 Capacity Matrices

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Movement Competence and Understanding

Measurement Topic: PE.03.311 Demonstrate simple movement combinations while participating in activities, games or sports Capacity Matrix PE.03.311

PE.03.311.A0.03 I can show different changes of pathways, levels, force and direction with equipment (CAS: 3.1.1.a)

PE.03.311.B0.03 I can jump a long a short rope while doing different skills at different speeds (CAS: 3.1.1.b)

PE.03.311.C2.03 I can combine tossing, dribbling, striking and catching during activities, games and sports (CAS: 3.1.1.c&d)

PE.03.311.E0.03 I can chase, flee, dodge and avoid others (CAS: 3.1.1.e)

Measurement Topic: PE.03.312 Perform movements that engage the brain while moving Capacity Matrix PE.03.312

PE.03.312.A0.03 I can create and show a movement that crosses mid-line(CAS: 3.1.2.a)

PE.03.312.B0.03 I can combine loco motor movements in time to music (CAS: 3.1.2.b)

PE.03.312.C0.03 I can jump, toss, dribble or catch to music of a rhythmic beat (CAS: 3.1.2.c)

PE.03.312.D0.03 I can perform a basic tinikling step (close-tap-tap) (CAS: 3.1.2.d)

PE.03.312.E0.03 I can balance making different shapes with parts of my body (CAS: 3.1.2.e)

PE.03.312.F2.03 I can roll different directions with variations multiple rotations (CAS: 3.1.2.f&g)

Physical and Personal Wellness

Measurement Topic: PE.03.321 Identify the benefits of continuous physical activity that causes increased heart and breating rate Capacity Matrix PE.03.321

PE.03.321.A0.03 I can explain why my body perspires, my heart beats faster and I breathe harder when I exercise (CAS: 3.2.1.a)

PE.03.321.B0.03 I can recognize that my body changes as physical activity gets harder (CAS: 3.2.1.b)

PE.03.321.C0.03 I can explain how heart, lungs, muscles, blood and oxygen work together during physical activity (CAS: 3.2.1.c)

PE.03.321.D2.03 I can give examples of vigorous physical activity that I participate in (CAS: 3.2.1.d&e)

PE.03.321.G0.03 I can explain how drinking water during physical activity helps control body temperature and blood (CAS: 3.2.1.g)

PE.03.321.H0.03 I can tell you why it is important to pace myself during aerobic activity (CAS: 3.2.1.h)

PE.03.321.I0.03 I can explain how what I eat affects how long and how hard I can work during physical activity (CAS: 3.2.1.i)

Measurement Topic: PE.03.322 Identify what the body is made of Capacity Matrix PE.03.322

PE.03.322.A2.03 I can show/tell where my heart and lungs are and feel the heart beat (CAS: 3.2.2.a&c)

PE.03.322.B0.03 I can point to muscles and bones in the body and locate fat (CAS: 3.2.2.b)

PE.03.322.D0.03 I can compare my heart rate before, during and after exercise and explain it makes the heart stronger (CAS: 3.2.2.d)

PE.03.322.E0.03 I can find my heart rate on two pulse points of my body (CAS: 3.2.2.f)

Emotional and Social Wellness

Measurement Topic: PE.03.331 Demonstrate positive social behaviors during class Capacity Matrix PE.03.331

PE.03.331.A2.03 I can demonstrate what winning and losing with good sportsmanship means (CAS: 3.3.1.a&e)

PE.03.331.B2.03 I can congratulate partners, opponents and teams upon conclusion of activities and games (CAS: 3.3.1.b&g)

PE.03.331.C0.03 I can give and receive feedback from my peers (CAS: 3.3.1.c)

PE.03.331.D0.03 I can explain and follow the directions and rules (CAS: 3.3.1.d)

PE.03.331.F0.03 I can ask a friend to join my group (CAS: 3.3.1.f)

Prevention and Risk Management in Physical Education

There are no measurement topics for this level.

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