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Performing Arts Level PK Capacity Matrices


Expression of Music

Measurement Topic: PA.PK.P11 Perform expressively Capacity Matrix PA.PK.P11

PA.PK.P11.01.02 Use voices expressively when speaking, chanting and singing (CAS: PS.1.1.a)

PA.PK.P11.02.02 Sing a variety of simple songs and singing games (CAS: PS.1.1.b)

PA.PK.P11.03.02 Demonstrate Fundamental performance skills such as correct posture and behavior (CAS: PS.1.1.c)

Measurement Topic: PA.PK.P12 Respond to rhythmic patterns and elements of music using expressive movement Capacity Matrix PA.PK.P12

PA.PK.P12.01.02 Move to music of various tempos, meters, dynamics, modes, genres, and styles (CAS: PS.1.2.a)

PA.PK.P12.02.02 Move or use body percussion to demonstrate awareness of beat and tempo (CAS: PS.1.2.b)

PA.PK.P12.03.02 Match movement to rhythmic patterns (CAS: PS.1.2.c)

Creation of Music

Measurement Topic: PA.PK.P21 Improve movement and sound responses to music Capacity Matrix PA.PK.P21

PA.PK.P21.01.02 Improvise sound effects to accompany play activities (CAS: PS.2.1.a)

PA.PK.P21.02.02 Use improvised movement to demonstrate musical awareness (CAS: PS.2.1.b)

Theory of Music

Measurement Topic: PA.PK.P31 Describe and respond to musical elements Capacity Matrix PA.PK.P31

PA.PK.P31.01.02 Use an individual vocabulary to describe music (CAS: PS.3.1.a)

PA.PK.P31.02.02 Use body movement to respond to dynamics and tempo (CAS: PS.3.1.b)

Measurement Topic: PA.PK.P32 Recognition of a wide variety of sounds and sound sources Capacity Matrix PA.PK.P32

PA.PK.P32.01.02 Use personal vocabulary to describe sources of sound (CAS: PS.3.2.a)

PA.PK.P32.02.02 Use invented symbols to represent musical sounds and ideas (CAS: PS.3.2.b)

Aesthetic Valuation of Music

Measurement Topic: PA.PK.P41 Demonstrate respect for music instruments Capacity Matrix PA.PK.P41

PA.PK.P41.01.02 Describe appropriate listening during a musical selection, live or recorded (CAS: PS.4.1.a)

Measurement Topic: PA.PK.P42 Express feeling responses to music Capacity Matrix PA.PK.P42

PA.PK.P42.01.02 Create movements in response to music (CAS: PS.4.2.a)

PA.PK.P42.02.02 Participate freely in music activities (CAS: PS.4.2.b)

PA.PK.P42.03.02 Talk about expressing feeling in music (CAS: PS.4.2.c)

Measurement Topic: PA.PK.P43 Recognition of music in daily life Capacity Matrix PA.PK.P43

PA.PK.P43.01.02 Use examples such as music from cartoons, computer games, community, and home events (CAS: PS.4.3.a)

PA.PK.P43.02.02Use a personal vocabulary to describe music from diverse cultures (CAS: PS.4.3.b)

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