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Measurement Topic: Safety, Health and Environment

CT.32.H21.01.01 Identify safety hazards common to workplaces. (CTE: ESSK.06.01.c)

CT.32.H21.02.01 Identify safety precautions to maintain a safe worksite. (CTE: ESSK.06.01.d)

CT.32.H21.03.01 Select appropriate personal protective equipment as needed for a safe workplace/jobsite. (CTE: ESSK.06.01.e)

CT.32.H21.04.01 Use personal protective equipment according to manufacturer rules and regulations. (CTE: ESSK.06.01.g)

Measurement Topic: Technical Skills

CT.32.H11.01.01 Interpret drawings used in project planning. (CTE: CONP.01.01.a)

CT.32.H11.02.01 Select tools, machinery, equipment, and resources that match requirements of the job. (CTE: CONP.01.02.a)

Measurement Topic: Welding Process

CT.32.H41.01.01 Demonstrate the planning and layout operations used in welding processes. (CTE: MPRP.01.01.a)

CT.32.H41.02.01 Demonstrate various welding systems that require standard hand and machine tools. (CTE: MPRP.01.01.f)