SBS:Health Occupations and Practicum

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Measurement Topic: Academic Foundation

CT.34.H71.01.01 Describe Human Structure and Function

CT.34.H71.02.01 Analyze Diseases and Disorders

CT.34.H71.03.01 Solve and make predictions related to Medical Mathematics problems

CT.34.H71.04.01 Analyze Human Structure and Function

CT.34.H71.05.01 Investigate Diseases and Disorders

CT.34.H71.06.01 Solve/Predict with Medical Mathematics-2

Measurement Topic: Basic Nursing Skills

CT.34.H21.01.01 Demonstrate competency in client care skills

CT.34.H21.03.01 Demonstrate how to care for client's environment

Measurement Topic: Communications

CT.34.H81.02.01 Recall and integrate Medical Terminology

CT.34.H81.03.01 Recall and integrate Medical Terminology-2

Measurement Topic: Employability Skills

CT.34.HG1.01.01 Demonstrate workforce employability skills

Measurement Topic: Health Maintenance Practices

CT.34.HI1.01.01 Describe and demonstrate Healthy behaviors

Measurement Topic: Information Technology Applications

CT.34.HE1.01.01 Demonstrate use of Health Information Management, Information Technology

Measurement Topic: Legal Responsibilities

CT.34.HA1.01.01 Use info related to legal and ethical practices

Measurement Topic: Preclinical Content

CT.34.H11.01.01 Demonstrate communication & interpersonal skills

CT.34.H11.02.01 Demonstrate competency in Infection Control

CT.34.H11.03.01 Demonstrate competency in safety/emergency procedures

Measurement Topic: Psychosocial & Mental Health Skills

CT.34.H41.03.01 Use information to modify aide's own behavior in response to client behavior