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Measurement Topic: Media Law/Ethics

TE.25.H11.01.01 Cite press law cases, and how they impact student publications.

TE.25.H11.02.01 Explain the impact of ethics on journalists.

Measurement Topic: Journalistic Writing/Copy Editing

TE.25.H12.01.01 Write two adeditorials or features stories per semester using a of lead styles.

TE.25.H12.02.01 Write two adsports or entertainment stories per semester using a of lead styles.

TE.25.H12.03.01 Write two adnews stories per semester using a of lead styles.

TE.25.H12.04.01 Using copyediting symbols critique the work of four peers per issue.

Measurement Topic: Technology Layout/Design

TE.25.H13.06.01 Design multiple page layouts using modular design techniques.

Measurement Topic: Research and Interview Techniques

TE.25.H14.05.01 Interview a minimum of three sources for every story assignment.

Measurement Topic: Media Analysis

TE.25.H15.02.01 Survey and present a report on three professional publications per semester.

TE.25.H15.03.01 Create a portfolio of published work.