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Measurement Topic: Analyze Factors that Influence Growth, Development

CT.08.H11.01.01 Analyze principles of human growth and development across the life span. (CTE: CADV.01.01.a,b)

CT.08.H11.02.01 Analyze conditions that influence human growth and development. (CTE: CADV.01.02.a,b,c,d)

CT.08.H11.03.01 Analyze strategies that promote growth and development across the lifespan. (CTE: CADV.01.03.a,b,c)

Measurement Topic: Evaluate Parenting Roles and Responsibilities

CT.08.H21.01.01 Analyze roles and responsibilities of parenting. (CTE: CADV.02.01.a,b,c)

CT.08.H21.02.01 Evaluate parenting practices that maximize human growth and development. (CTE: CADV.02.02.a,c,d)

CT.08.H21.03.01 Evaluate external support systems that provide services for parents. (CTE: CADV.02.03.a,b)

CT.08.H21.04.01 Analyze physical and emotional factors related to beginning the parenting process. (CTE: CADV.02.04.a,b,c)