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Measurement Topic: Understand and Demonstrate the Use of Software

CT.24.H11.02.01 Apply project implementation. (CTE: ARVD.02.02.a, b, c)

CT.24.H11.03.01 Understand and apply finalization techniques (CTE: ARVD.02.03.a,c)

Measurement Topic: Communication

CT.24.H21.01.01 Demonstrate use of the concepts, strategies, and systems for obtaining and conveying ideas and information to enhance communication in the workplace.

CT.24.H21.02.01 Evaluate and use information resources to accomplish specific occupational tasks. (CTE: ESSK.02.04)

Measurement Topic: Technical Skills

CT.24.H31.01.01 Employ planning and time management skills and tools to enhance results and complete work tasks. (CTE: ESSK.10.02)

Measurement Topic: Digital Citizenship

CT.24.H41.01.01 Consistently demonstrates responsible use of Internet resources in terms of bandwidth use, appropriateness of materials, and educational relevance (NETS: TE.

Measurement Topic: Demonstrate Planning Processes Used for Media

CT.24.H71.01.01 Organize a production team to complete a project. (CTE: COJB.01.01.a, b)

Measurement Topic: Technology and Process of Visual Communication

CT.24.H51.11.01 Demonstrate the planning process. (CTE: ARVD.02.01 )