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Measurement Topic: Design a Network System

CT.28.H11.01.01 Analyze requirements specifications and design the network. (CTE: ITNT.02)

CT.28.H11.02.01 Demonstrate knowledge of technologies, tools and standards in designing a network. (CTE: ITNT.02.02)

Measurement Topic: Identify and Analyze Needs to Design a Network

CT.28.H21.01.01 Conduct requirements analysis. (CTE: ITNT.01.02)

CT.28.H21.02.01 Gather data to identify customer/organizational requirements. (CTE: ITNT.01.01)

Measurement Topic: Perform Installation to Launch a Network System

CT.28.H31.01.01 Develop a test plan and perform testing and validation. (CTE: ITNT.03.02)

CT.28.H31.02.01 Implement network system. (CTE: ITNT.03.01)

CT.28.H31.03.01 Summarize network quality assurance procedures. (CTE: ITNT.04.01)

Measurement Topic: Maintenance, Support to Maintain Network System

CT.28.H41.01.01 Perform network administration and monitoring to maintain a network system. (CTE: ITNT.04.01)

CT.28.H41.02.01 Perform user support services to support a network system. (CTE: ITNT.04.02)