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Measurement Topic: Accounts and Finance

CT.40.H31.01.01 Identify sources of finance

CT.40.H31.02.01 Examine investment appraisal

CT.40.H31.03.01 Explain working capital

CT.40.H31.04.01 Examine and analyze final accounts

CT.40.H31.05.01 Explain ratio analysis

Measurement Topic: Business Organization and Environment

CT.40.H11.01.01 Explain the nature of business activity

CT.40.H11.02.01 Analyze and evaluate types of organizations

CT.40.H11.03.01 Examine organizational objectives

CT.40.H11.04.01 Examine the role of stakeholders in a business

CT.40.H11.05.01 Identify and analysis the external environment

CT.40.H11.06.01 Analyze and evaluate organizational planning tools

CT.40.H11.07.01 Examine methods and effectiveness of growth and evolution

CT.40.H11.08.01 Discuss reasons and impact of growth of multinational companies.

Measurement Topic: Human Resources

CT.40.H21.01.01 Analyze and discuss human resource planning

CT.40.H21.02.01 Examine organizational structure

CT.40.H21.03.01 Identify and evaluate communication approaches

CT.40.H21.04.01 Examine and evaluate leadership and management styles

CT.40.H21.05.01 Examine and evaluate motivation approaches

Measurement Topic: Marketing

CT.40.H41.01.01 Examine role of marketing

CT.40.H41.02.01 Analyze and evaluate marketing planning

CT.40.H41.03.01 Examine and discuss Product

CT.40.H41.04.01 Examine and discuss Price

CT.40.H41.05.01 Examine and discuss Promotion

CT.40.H41.06.01 Examine and discuss Place (distribution)

CT.40.H41.07.01 Examine international marketing

CT.40.H41.08.01Examine and discuss E-commerce

Measurement Topic: Operations Management

CT.40.H51.01.01 Evaluate production methods

CT.40.H51.02.01 Examine costs and revenues

CT.40.H51.03.01 Examine break-even analysis

CT.40.H51.04.01 Evaluate quality assurance

CT.40.H51.05.01 Evaluate the significance of location

CT.40.H51.06.01 Evaluate production planning