Math Level 02

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Numbers and Operations Measuerment Topic: .01 Number Sense and Number Systems

MA. Reads and write whole numbers to one hundred (Colorado Math Standard 1.1.1) MA. Compare and order whole numbers to one hundred (Colorado Math Standard 1.1.3) MA. Identify place value of whole numbers to the hundreds place (Colorado Math Standard 1.1.3) MA. Demonstrates understanding of ordinal numbers to 20th (e.g., first, second, third)(Colorado Math Standard 1.1.1) MA. Skip count by 2s, 5s, 10s to 100 (Colorado Math Standard 3.1.3a) MA. Identify pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters (Colorado Math Standard 1.1.3) Measurement Topic: .02 Addition and Subtraction

MA. Automatically recalls addition facts to 20 using whole numbers 1 to 10 (Colorado Math Standard 1.6.1) MA. Automatically recalls subtraction facts using whole numbers 1 to 10 (Colorado Math Standard 1.6.1) Algebra Measurement Topic: .04 Functions and Equations

MA. Describes and creates patterns using a variety of objects with up to three variables (Colorado Math Standard1.2.1) Geometry Measurement Topic: .06 Lines, Angles, Geometric Objects

MA. Draws basic shapes (i.e., squares, triangles, circles, rectangles) (Colorado Math Standard k.4.2) Measurement Topic: .07 Transformation, Congruency, Similarity

MA. Recognizes similar shapes (Colorado Math Standard k.4.1) Measurement Measurement Topic: .10 Measurement Systems

MA. Uses non-standard units to measure linear measreuments (Colorado Math Standard 1.5.1) MA. Uses a ruler to measure to the nearest inch, foot, yard (Colorado Math Standard 1.5.1) MA. Uses calendar for concept of hours in a day, days in a week, and months in a year (Colorado Math Standard 1.5.1) MA. Tells time to the half hour (Colorado Math Standard 1.5.1) Data Analysis and Probability Measurement Topic: .12 Data Organization and Interpretation

MA. Identifies more, less, or the same using a bar graph (Colorado Math Standard 1.3.1) Measuerment Topic: .13 Probability

MA. Generates, tallies, and analyzes the results results from flipping a two color counter or a coin (Colorado Math Standard 1.5.1)