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Adams County School District 50 Education Technology & Information Literacy

Work space for our revision work

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Colorado Department of Education - ET-IL Planning GuideDownload file "2009_ETILPlanning_FinalFinal.docx"

ETIL Plan Elements

Needs Assessment
Goals & Strategies
Collaboration & Integration
Professional Development
Infrastructure & Support
Policies & Procedures
Plan Evaluation


Appendix A. Needs Surveys
Appendix B. Goals, Strategies & Professional Development
Appendix C. ILT Standards
Appendix D. Performance Indicators
Appendix. E. Collaboration
Appendix F. Technology Goals and Standards for Students & Staff
Appendix G. SAMPLE Proficiency Look-Fors
Appendix H. BIG6 Skills & Samples
AppendixI. SAMPLE Planning Guide
Appendix J. SAMPLE Lesson Planning Guide
Appendix K. Sample Standards Matrix
Appendix L. Timeline for Evaluation of Plan
Appendix M. CDE Progress Report – May 2005