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Key Points

  • Technology Services has implemented a new firewall system that uses an advanced VPN client. The VPN client makes your system appear to be within the district network and allows access to network resources such as the N: and T: drives. You cannot connect to the VPN when onsite at the district, as your machine is already within the district network.
  • District laptops will need this installed by putting in a help desk ticket.
  • When connecting the first time, you will need to enter in the "Connect To" field. The client will remember this setting and automatically enter it afterwards.
  • Mapping network drives (N: and T: Drives) is only available on district provided systems. Accessing data on the network drives is possible on a personal system, but you must navigate to the folder manually rather than access it through a drive letter. instruction on accessing this data is provided in the section Network Drives

Installing the Client on a Personal (Non-District) System

To install the VPN client on a non-district system, you will need administrative rights on the system in order to install the client. The installation can be done through a web push, and if it fails you should be able to manually download the client. Go to and install the client from there.

  • You should be presented with a logon screen as shown in Figure 1
  • After entering your password, an ActiveX control will be installed. Click Allow to install the client as shown in Figure 2.
  • The new client will launch, and download settings from the server as shown in Figure 3.
  • Once connected, you should see a success message as shown in Figure 4.

If the process fails and you are unable to install through the ActiveX push, it should fail to a manual download option. This will download a .exe file that is run to install the client.

Network Drives

Both District and Non-district systems will not map a network location to a drive letter, and a manual process will need to be used to access data.

Once connected to the VPN, network drives can be accessed though:

  • T: Drive – \\\public\DistrictShare
  • N: Drive – \\\public\SiteShare and then school location (i.e. SiteShare\TENN)

To connect to the site, you will need to click on Start, and then just start typing in the location above. You will be asked for your district credentials, and will need to enter the username as ADAMS50\Username.

After you locate the data, you can create a shortcut to it on your system. However, as server upgrades are performed the location(s) may change and the shortcut will need to be updated.