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The district has instituted a 90 day email retention procedure, content that is older than 90 days will be automatically and permanently deleted through the District’s email systems. Emails containing content which is required to be maintained longer than the District’s email retention period need to be saved separately by department or school administrators.

School and District administrators will save emails and email content elsewhere before the 90 day deletion occurs for any content requiring a longer retention time period.

The district provides network storage and cloud based storage that will fit the requirement to save email messages and attachments for the required retention periods.

Saving Email Content to Network Storage

Email messages and attachments can be stored in either individual "H:" Drives or Site "N:" Drives, below are the steps to save an email attachment and message to either of these locations.

To save an email attachment:

  • Open the message in Outlook, right click on the email attachment, select "Save As" and select the appropriate drive and folder to save your attachment to.

Email save attachment1.png Email save attachment2.png

To save an email message:

  1. Open Windows Explorer and Navigate to the appropriate drive and folder that you would like to save the message to.
  2. Open Outlook and select the message that you would like to save.
  3. Left Click on the message and hold, drag, and drop the message into the Windows Explorer window.

Email drag message.png

Saving Email Content to OneDrive or SharePoint

To save email content to your OneDrive

  1. Follow the steps on This Page to access your OneDrive from a District PC
  2. Open your OneDrive folder on the PC either through Windows Explorer or opening the OneDrive for Business Application
  3. Open Outlook and find the message or attachment that you are required to save
  4. Follow the steps above to save either the email attachment or message to your OneDrive

Save attachment O365.PNG