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Access your OneDrive

To access OneDrive from inside or outside the district go to:
Accessing through a web browser

You will come to a Microsoft Login page, enter in your district credentials in the format:

Username: <username>

You should see a message that states: "We're taking you to your organization's login page"

Accessing through a web browserAccessing through a web browser

Enter in your district credentials The authentication page should look like the image below

Accessing through a web browser

Uploading Files to OneDrive

To upload files from your computer you can drag and drop files from your computer onto the OneDrive web page

Drag and Drop onto the Web Page

Recommendations and Troubleshooting

  • When uploading files to your OneDrive we recommend that you drag over one folder at a time. Wait until the contents have finished uploading successfully before uploading the next folder.
  • Files will occasionally have errors while uploading. Common issues are available below:
    • Files may have invalid characters in the name, these characters are # % . & : * ? " < > | and any other unusual characters.
      • To remove these characters: Right Click on the file that needs to be renamed and click “Rename” in the context menu. Remove the invalid characters and synchronization will continue.
    • File names may be too long, try these suggestions:
      • File names are limited to 120 characters, if a file name is too long: Right Click on the file, select “Rename” from the context menu and shorten the length of the file name. Easy ways to do this:
      • Remove Spaces, use abbreviations, remove conjunctions. File names should be brief and clear but don’t need to describe everything in the file.