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Technology Services will periodically make applications available for users to install at their convenience through an application called the "Software Center". This application is pre-installed on all district Microsoft Windows PC's including desktops and laptops.

To access the Software Center and install available applications please follow the instructions below:

  1. On your computer, logged in as yourself, go to the Windows Start Button and start typing "Software Center"
  2. Select and click “Software Center”
  3. When the Software Center window comes up please click on the application you want to install
  4. Click “Install” on the screen displaying information about the application
  5. The software will install itself automatically, status information will be available on this screen or under the "Installation Status" tab
  6. Installations will complete on their own and will only prompt you to restart your system if necessary.

Swcenter install1.png

Swcenter install2.png

Swcenter install3.png