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Chromebook Reset Procedure

  1. Power off the Chromebook by holding down the power button until the screen turns off
  2. Press and hold down the esc + Chromeos refresh.png keys while pressing the power button to begin the recovery process
  3. On the screen with a yellow exclamation point and the message “Chrome OS is missing or damaged…” press ctrl + d
  4. On the screen that has the message “To turn OS verification off…” press the Enter key
  5. The Chromebook will reboot
  6. On the screen that has the message “OS verification is off…” press ctrl + d and the Chromebook will do one of the following:
    • The device will begin transitioning into developer mode, this process can take up to 15 minutes to complete. After the device has completed the transition to developer mode you will see the message “OS verification has been turned off please press the Space Bar to re-enable” Press the Space Bar and then press Enter to confirm that you wish to turn OS Verification on
    • You will see a message that states: “The device owner has disabled Developer Mode…” and the Chromebook will reboot
  7. Once the device has rebooted you will be at the setup screens:
  8. Pick the DeviceEnrollment network, click “Continue” once connected
  9. Click “Accept and Continue” on the Terms and Conditions window
  10. On the Sign in screen make sure that “Enterprise Enrollment” is displayed at the top of the window
    • If “Enterprise Enrollment” is displayed – Enter the device enrollment credentials for your site, these are available in the table below
  11. If the window does not display “Enterprise Enrollment” press ctrl + alt + e before signing in, “Enterprise Enrollment” should now appear at the top of this window, enter the device enrollment credentials from the table below
  12. You should see a message that states “The device has been successfully enrolled”
  13. After enrollment has been completed the device will take you back to the sign in screen, check for the message: “This device is managed by” at the bottom of the sign in screen.
    • If this message is not found the chrome device did not complete the enrollment process and you may need to attempt the steps again.

Chrome Device Enrollment Accounts

Site  User Name  Password (Case Sensitive)
Colorado STEM Academy ChromeEnroll 
Fairview Elementary ChromeEnroll
Flynn Elementary ChromeEnroll
FM Day Elementary ChromeEnroll
Harris Park Elementary ChromeEnroll
Hodgkins Elementary ChromeEnroll
Mesa Elementary ChromeEnroll
Metz Elementary ChromeEnroll
Sherrelwood Elementary ChromeEnroll
Skyline Vista Elementary ChromeEnroll
Sunset Ridge Elementary ChromeEnroll
Tennyson Knolls Elementary ChromeEnroll
Westminster Elementary ChromeEnroll
Scott Carpenter Middle School ChromeEnroll
Shaw Heights Middle School ChromeEnroll
Ranum Middle School ChromeEnroll
Hidden Lake ChromeEnroll
Westminster High School ChromeEnroll