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Access your OneDrive on PC or Mac

To access OneDrive from outside the district on a PC or Mac open a web browser and go to:

You will come to a Microsoft Login page, enter in your district credentials in the format:

Username: <username>

You should see a message that states: "We're taking you to your organization's login page"

Enter in your district credentials The pop-up box should look like one of the images below

Accessing through a web browserAccessing through a web browser

Access your OneDrive on iOS

Access your OneDrive on Android

Download the OndeDrive App from the Google Play Store

Downloading from the Google Play StoreDownloading from the Google Play Store

Open the OneDrive App on your device and sign in using your username and password, if prompted select "Sign in to OneDrive for Business"

Sign In to the OneDrive AppSign In to the OneDrive AppSign In to the OneDrive App

Copy files from your computer to your OneDrive

Open a web browser and navigate to You can upload files by either dragging and dropping them onto the browser window or clicking "Upload" and selecting the file you want to upload.