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Visual Arts Level HS Capacity Matrices


Observe and Learn to Comprehend

Measurement Topic: VA.HS.H11 Visual art has inherent characteristics and expressive features Capacity Matrix VA.HS.H11

VA.HS.H11.01.02 Demonstrate skills that utilize the characteristics and expressive features of art and design to communicate meaning (CAS: HS.1.1.a)

VA.HS.H11.02.02 Investigate and articulate the value of the characteristics and expressive features of art and design in diverse and disparate works of art (CAS: HS.1.1.b)

VA.HS.H11.03.02 Connect and compare visual art characteristics and expressive features of art and design in cultural contexts (CAS: HS.1.1.c)

VA.HS.H11.04.02 Demonstrate a practiced ability to critically analyze the origins of art and design across all cultures (CAS: HS.1.1.d)

Measurement Topic: VA.HS.H12 Historical and cultural context are found in visual art Capacity Matrix VA.HS.H12

VA.HS.H12.01.02 Analyze visual arts traditions (CAS: HS.1.2.a)

VA.HS.H12.02.02 Discern the complexity of art and historical paradigms in cultural context (CAS: HS.1.2.b)

VA.HS.H12.03.02 Debate divergent art histories and traditions (CAS: HS.1.2.c)

VA.HS.H12.04.02 Research and document community art and architecture (CAS: HS.1.2.d)

VA.HS.H12.05.02 Analyze innovation in art through historical and cultural context (CAS: HS.1.2.e)

VA.HS.H12.06.02 Analyze the reasons to avoid replication, interpretation, or illustration of images or icons that are culturally sensitive such as kachina dolls, and Navajo sand painting (CAS: HS.1.2.f)

Measurement Topic: VA.HS.H13 Art and design have purpose and function Capacity Matrix VA.HS.H13

VA.HS.H13.01.02 Investigate and articulate the aims of disparate art practices and traditions (CAS: HS.1.3.a)

VA.HS.H13.02.02 Research and document how the visual arts are manifested in contemporary society (CAS: HS.1.3.b)

VA.HS.H13.03.02 Interpret the purposes of art across time, culture, and diversity, and be mindful of cultural sensitivities (CAS: HS.1.3.c)

Envision and Critique to Reflect

Measurement Topic: VA.HS.H21 Reflective strategies are used to understand the creative process Capacity Matrix VA.HS.H21

VA.HS.H21.01.02 Explain the process of critique using the progression of description, analysis, interpretation, and evaluation (CAS: HS.2.1.a)

VA.HS.H21.02.02 Communicate and defend reasons for opinions about the intentions (successful or not) of a work of art (CAS: HS.2.1.b)

VA.HS.H21.03.02 Compare and contrast the technical proficiency of artists to communicate ideas, emotions, and information (CAS: HS.2.1.c)

VA.HS.H21.04.02 Provide examples of how critique may affect the creation or modification of an existing or new work of art (CAS: HS.2.1.d)

VA.HS.H21.05.02 Make informed judgments about the relative merits of works of art using observation, description, analysis, interpretation, and evaluation (CAS: HS.2.1.e)

Measurement Topic: VA.HS.H22 A personal philosophy of art is accomplished through use of sophisticated language and studio art processes Capacity Matrix VA.HS.H22

VA.HS.H22.01.02 Articulate and defend a personal philosophy of art using informed criteria (CAS: HS.2.2.a)

VA.HS.H22.02.02 Document and apply investigations into a range of traditional and nontraditional studio practices to personal expression (CAS: HS.2.2.b)

VA.HS.H22.03.02 Compare and contrast the technical proficiency of artists to communicate ideas, emotions, and information (CAS: HS.2.2.c)

Measurement Topic: VA.HS.H23 Interpretation is a means for understanding and evaluating works of art Capacity Matrix VA.HS.H23

VA.HS.H23.01.02 Analyze and interpret philosophies of Western and non-Western art (CAS: HS.2.3.a)

VA.HS.H23.02.02 Demonstrate fluency in using critique vocabulary to assess personal works of art and the others' works of art (CAS: 2.3.b)

VA.HS.H23.03.02 Recognize and debate diverse approaches to creating art across time and culture (CAS: 2.3.c)

VA.HS.H23.04.02 Interpret how meaning in works of art is related to the materials and processes chosen by the artist (CAS: HS.2.3.d)

Invent and Discover to Create

Measurement Topic: VA.HS.H31 Demonstrate competency in traditional and new art media, and apply appropriate and available technology to express ideas Capacity Matrix VA.HS.H31

VA.HS.H31.01.02 Articulate ideas that can be expressed in traditional, advanced, and evolving media (CAS: HS.3.1.a)

VA.HS.H31.02.02 Investigate and document a wide range of traditional, advanced, and evolving media used in creating images that communicate ideas (CAS: HS.3.1.b)

VA.HS.H31.03.02 Create works of art representing traditional subject matter that use new media (CAS: HS.3.1.c)

VA.HS.H31.04.02 Create works of art representing personal narratives that use new media (CAS: HS.3.1.d)

Measurement Topic: VA.HS.H32 Assess and produce art with various materials and methods Capacity Matrix VA.HS.H32

VA.HS.H32.01.02 Skillfully use a variety of techniques and media to create works of art (CAS: HS.3.2.a)

VA.HS.H32.02.02 Discern and articulate the quality of personal works of art using a variety of reflective processes (CAS: HS.3.2.b)

VA.HS.H32.03.02 Demonstrate collaboration to create works of art (CAS: HS.3.2.c)

VA.HS.H32.04.02 Create works of art that speak to personal artistic opinion in response to cultural contexts (CAS: HS.3.2.d)

VA.HS.H32.05.02 Skillfully create and exhibit one's own works of art (CAS: HS.3.2.e)

Measurement Topic: VA.HS.H33 Make judgments from visual messages Capacity Matrix VA.HS.H33

VA.HS.H33.01.02 Compare and contrast the analytical processes used to interpret works of art and images of mass media (CAS: HS.3.3.a)

VA.HS.H33.02.02 Interpret similarities and differences in artistic decision making (CAS: HS.3.3.b)

VA.HS.H33.03.02 Discuss and debate how society has come to value some works of art over others (CAS: HS.3.3.c)

Relate and Connect to Transfer

Measurement Topic: VA.HS.H41 The work of art scholars impacts how art is viewed today Capacity Matrix VA.HS.H41

VA.HS.H41.01.02 Research and debate viewpoints found in a variety of resources that focus on and discuss visual art and design (CAS: HS.4.1.a)

VA.HS.H41.02.02 Discern the value of works of art based on historical significance, craftsmanship, cultural context, and originality using appropriate, domain-specific terminology that honors sensitive traditions (CAS: HS.4.1.b)

Measurement Topic: VA.HS.H42 Communication through advanced visual methods is a necessary skill in everyday life Capacity Matrix VA.HS.H42

VA.HS.H42.01.02 Use sketches, plans, and models to create and/or design a functioning work of art (CAS: HS.4.2.a)

VA.HS.H42.02.02 Explain the personal influences shape the creation of functioning art (CAS: HS.4.2.b)

Measurement Topic: VA.HS.H43 Art is a lifelong endeavor Capacity Matrix VA.HS.H43

VA.HS.H43.01.02 Compare and contrast the roles of artists and designers in historical and contemporary context (CAS: HS.4.3.a)

VA.HS.H43.02.02 Research the range of careers available to artists such as museum curation, automobile design, gaming design, medical illustration, and photojournalism (CAS: HS.4.3.b)

VA.HS.H43.03.02 Outline required training for one's individual career goals (CAS: HS.4.3.c)

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