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Visual Arts Level 08 Capacity Matrices


Observe and Learn to Comprehend

Measurement Topic: VA.08.811 Conceptual art theories explain how works of art are created Capacity Matrix VA.08.811

VA.08.811.01.02 Create two- and three-dimensional works of art - individually or collaboratively - that employ the characteristics and expressive features of art and design (CAS: 8.1.1.a)

VA.08.811.02.02 Describe and justify a work of art that clearly illustrates characteristics and expressive features of art and design as distinguishing attributes (CAS: 8.1.1.b)

VA.08.811.03.02 Investigate and debate quality in art and design such as symmetry and balance, rhythm, and scale and proportion (CAS: 8.1.1.c)

Measurement Topic: VA.08.812 The history of art, world cultures, and artistic styles influence contemporary art concerns Capacity Matrix VA.08.812

Measurement Topic: VA.08.813 Art criticism strategies are used to analyze, interpret, and make informed judgments about works of art Capacity Matrix VA.08.813

VA.08.813.02.02 Differentiate and articulate different artistic styles, trends, and movements in various art forms (CAS: 8.1.3.b)

VA.08.813.03.02 Analyze basic concepts in art such as balance, symmetry, integrity, authenticity, originality, "form follows function," and "thinking outside-of-the-box" (CAS: 8.1.3.c)

Envision and Critique to Reflect

Measurement Topic: VA.08.821 Visual literacy skills help to establish personal meaning and artistic intent in works of art Capacity Matrix VA.08.821

VA.08.821.02.02 Make informed judgments about the use of characteristic and expressive features of art and design in mass media and other 21st century technologies (e.g., elements and principles of design, personal and cultural interpretations, intent of the work) (CAS: 8.2.1.b)

VA.08.821.04.02 Compare and contrast the style, design characteristics, and expressive features of art and design in historical and cultural works of art considering images and icons that are culture sensitive (CAS: 8.2.1.d)

Measurement Topic: VA.08.822 Key concepts, issues, and themes in the visual arts can solve problems using real-world applications Capacity Matrix VA.08.822

VA.08.822.02.02 Communicate ideas visually through multiple modalities (CAS: 8.2.2.b)

Invent and Discover to Create

Measurement Topic: VA.08.831 Achieve artistic purpose to communicate intent Capacity Matrix VA.08.831

VA.08.831.03.02 Create works of art that depict personal, social, cultural, and political viewpoints while honoring ethnically sensitive topics (CAS: 8.3.1.c)

Measurement Topic: VA.08.832 Demonstrate technical proficiency and craftsmanship when planning Capacity Matrix VA.08.832

VA.08.832.02.02 Create works of art that are display-ready (CAS: 8.3.2.b)

VA.08.832.03.02 Demonstrate conceptualization skills such as idea generation, brainstorming, and graphic organizers (CAS: 8.3.2.c)

VA.08.832.04.02 Apply the characteristics and expressive features of art and design to solve a problem (CAS: 8.3.2.d)

Measurement Topic: VA.08.833 Utilize current and available technology to refine an idea, and create original and imaginative works of art Capacity Matrix VA.08.833

Relate and Connect to Transfer

Measurement Topic: VA.08.841 Visual arts are valuable for a variety of art and non-art related lifelong endeavors Capacity Matrix VA.08.841

Measurement Topic: VA.08.842 Cultural traditions and events impact visual arts within a community Capacity Matrix VA.08.842

VA.08.842.01.02 Create works of art that actively reflect community cultural traditions and events (CAS: 8.4.2.a)

VA.08.842.04.02 Recognize and discuss how works of art previously created (across time and culture) can influence the work of practicing artists today (CAS: 8.4.2.d)

Measurement Topic: VA.08.843 Visual arts provide an opportunity to explore sustainable environments, design and architecture Capacity Matrix VA.08.843

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