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Visual Arts Level 02 Capacity Matrices


Observe and Learn to Comprehend

Measurement Topic: VA.02.211 Artists make choices that communicate ideas in works of art Capacity Matrix VA.02.211

VA. Identify and compare ideas and artistic choices found in a work of art (CAS: 2.1.1.b)

VA. Make artistic choices to communicate ideas (CAS: 2.1.1.c)

Measurement Topic: VA.02.212 Characteristics and expressive features of art and design are used to identify and discuss works of art Capacity Matrix VA.02.212

VA. Use correct art vocabulary when talking about art (CAS: 2.1.2.c)

Envision and Critique to Reflect

Measurement Topic: VA.02.221 Visual arts use various literacies to convey intended meaning Capacity Matrix VA.02.221

VA. Identify, distinguish and interpret the basic characteristics of art (CAS: 2.2.1.a)

VA. Recognize and respect cultural differences in works of art (CAS: 2.2.1.c)

Invent and Discover to Create

Measurement Topic: VA.02.231 Use familiar symbols to identify and demonstrate characteristics and expressive features of art and design Capacity Matrix VA.02.231

VA. Create works of art using familiar and commercial symbols such as hearts, suns, and logos (CAS: 2.3.1.a)

VA. Create works of art using various modalities (CAS: 2.3.1.d)

Relate and Connect to Transfer

Measurement Topic: VA.02.241 Visual arts respond to human experience by relating art to the community Capacity Matrix VA.02.241

VA. Communicate observational responses to works of art from a variety of social, emotional, and historical contexts (CAS: 2.4.1.a)

VA. Discuss and describe personal artistic experiences (CAS: 2.4.1.b)

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