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Visual Arts Level 00 Capacity Matrices


Observe and Learn to Comprehend

Measurement Topic: VA.00.K11 Artists and viewers recognize characteristics and expressive features within works of art Capacity Matrix VA.00.K11

VA.00.K11.03.02 Use a variety of methods to reproduce basic sensory qualities and expressive features (CAS: K.1.1.c)

Measurement Topic: VA.00.K12 Personal feelings are described in and through works of art Capacity Matrix VA.00.K12

VA.00.K12.02.02 Tell a story to explain works of art (CAS: K.1.2.b)

Envision and Critique to Reflect

Measurement Topic: VA.00.K21 Identify that art represents and tells the stories of people, places, or things Capacity Matrix VA.00.K21

VA.00.K21.01.02 Recognize and discuss the concept of culture in art as it relates to self, family and community (CAS: K.2.1.a)

VA.00.K21.02.02 Articulate personal stories from works of art (CAS: K.2.1.b)

Measurement Topic: VA.00.K22 Artists interpret connections to the stories told in and by works of art Capacity Matrix VA.00.K22

VA.00.K22.02.02 Articulate personal opinions about works of art (CAS: K.2.2.b)

Invent and Discover to Create

Measurement Topic: VA.00.K31 Create two- and three-dimensional works of art based on personal relevance Capacity Matrix VA.00.K31

VA.00.K31.02.02 Make plans to create works of art (CAS: K.3.1.b)

Relate and Connect to Transfer

Measurement Topic: VA.00.K41 Artists and viewers contribute and connect to their communities Capacity Matrix VA.00.K41

VA.00.K41.01.02 Identify the activities in which artists participate in everyday life (CAS: K.4.1.a)

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