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Video Cinema Arts

Measurement Topic: Film and Television History

CT.45.H11.01.01 Explore elements and techniques for the production of audio, video and film.

CT.45.H11.02.01 Identify industry related tools and equipment.

CT.45.H11.03.01 Investigate audio, video and film through historical and cultural contexts.

Measurement Topic: Video Production

CT.45.H12.01.01 Implement preproduction planning process.

CT.45.H12.02.01 Show competency to apply appropriate technology for the expression of ideas

CT.45.H12.03.01 Finalize audio, video or film materials for presentation.

Measurement Topic: Career Opportunities

CT.45.H13.01.01 Identify possible career options.

CT.45.H13.02.01 Identify and demonstrate positive work behaviors for the current workforce