SBS:Urban Horticulture 2

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Measurement Topic: Greenhouse Management

CT.22.H11.01.01 Identify and analyze greenhouse operation practices

CT.22.H11.02.01 Understand greenhouse function, design and structure

CT.22.H11.03.01 Understand and selection of greenhouse environmental systems

CT.22.H11.04.01 Understand the process for selection of Greenhouse Growing Media

CT.22.H11.05.01 Understand and apply practices for greenhouse plant nutrition and growth

CT.22.H11.06.01 Understand and apply practices for greenhouse disease and pest management

CT.22.H11.07.01 Understand professionalism communication, business etiquette and dress/attire

CT.22.H11.08.01 Understand and apply principles of greenhouse management

Measurement Topic: Leadership and Personal Development

CT.22.HD1.01.01 Describe FFA and it's role in Agricultural Education

Measurement Topic: Plant Science

CT.22.H51.01.01 Describe processes and techniques of plant environmental mgmt

Measurement Topic: Principles of Floral Design

CT.22.H21.02.01 Understand and apply principles of floral design

Measurement Topic: Safety Procedures

CT.22.H31.01.01 Understand and apply safety procedures in the work environment