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Technology Level MS Capacity Matrices

Technology Level MS Vocabulary


Measurement Topic: TE.MS.M11 Creativity and Innovation Capacity Matrix TE.MS.M11

TE.MS.M11.01.02 Illustrates a complex concept, product or multi path process using digital tools (NETS: 1.a)

TE.MS.M11.02.02 Creates an original story using media to enhance the message and engage the audience (NETS: 1.b)

TE.MS.M11.03.02 Investigates processes and concepts using complex simulations (NETS: 1.c)

Measurement Topic: TE.MS.M12 Communication and Collaboration Capacity Matrix TE.MS.M12

TE.MS.M12.01.02 Interacts with peers using collaborative digital environments and media to enhance content knowledge (NETS: 2.a)

TE.MS.M12.02.02 Uses technology to collaborate with peers in a learning activity (NETS: 2.a)

TE.MS.M12.03.02 Shares an original graphic or a work of art using the appropriate media and format (NETS: 2.b)

TE.MS.M12.04.02 Communicates with students from other cultures or countries using appropriate communication tools (NETS: 2.c)

Measurement Topic: TE.MS.M13 Research and Innovation Capacity Matrix TE.MS.M13

TE.MS.M13.01.02 Searches the web or other databases using multiple search criteria for the purpose of answering a question (NETS: 3.a)

TE.MS.M13.02.02 Sorts, filters, and searches simple databases to locate information (NETS: 3.a)

Measurement Topic: TE.MS.M14 Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making Capacity Matrix TE.MS.M14

TE.MS.M14.01.02 Manages an individual or small group learning project using technology tools. (NETS: 4.b)

TE.MS.M14.02.02 Collects and analyzes content-related data in a digital format (NETS: 4.c)

Measurement Topic: TE.MS.M15 Digital Citizenship Capacity Matrix TE.MS.M15

TE.MS.M15.01.02 Practices injury prevention by applying a variety of ergonomic strategies when using technology (NETS: 5.a)

Measurement Topic: TE.MS.M16 Technology Operations and Concepts Capacity Matrix TE.MS.M16

TE.MS.M16.01.02 Demonstrates a keyboarding speed of 25 WPM with 80% accuracy(NETS: 6.a)

TE.MS.M16.02.02 Creates, navigates and manages a folder structure (save and retrieve, rename, delete) (NETS: 6.a)

TE.MS.M16.03.02 Demonstrates proficiency in a network environment. (Select printers, use wireless, change passwords, navigate network drives.) (NETS: 6.a)

TE.MS.M16.04.02 Knows the names and purpose of the various hardware components (NETS: 6.a)

TE.MS.M16.05.02 Selects appropriate printer and page options for publishing a final product (NETS: 6.b)

TE.MS.M16.06.02 Selects and creates graphs to appropriately represent a set of data in a spreadsheet (NETS: 6.b)

TE.MS.M16.07.02 Creates a simple spreadsheet with formatted cells (NETS: 6.b)

TE.MS.M16.08.02 Copy and pastes information from an outside source into a document/presentation (NETS: 6.b)

TE.MS.M16.09.02 Demonstrates the ability to use a new application based on the knowledge from previous experiences (NETS: 6.b)

TE.MS.M16.10.02 Interprets and responds to a variety of error messages (NETS: 6.c)

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