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Technology Level IN Capacity Matrices

Technology Level IN Vocabulary


Measurement Topic: TE.IN.I11 Creativity and Innovation Capacity Matrix TE.IN.I11

TE.IN.I11.01.02 Illustrates a simple concept, product or process using digital tools (NETS: 1.a)

TE.IN.I11.02.02 Interacts with a simulation or model to understand an object or process (NETS: 1.c)

TE.IN.I11.03.02 Identifies trends and predicts using simple digital representations (NETS: 1.d)

Measurement Topic: TE.IN.I12 Communication and Collaboration Capacity Matrix TE.IN.I12

TE.IN.I11.01.02 Determines the appropriate media and format to communicate an original composition to an audience (NETS: 2.b)

Measurement Topic: TE.IN.I13 Research and Innovation

There are no learning targets at this level.

Measurement Topic: TE.IN.I14 Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making

There are no learning targets at this level.

Measurement Topic: TE.IN.I15 Digital Citizenship Capacity Matrix TE.IN.I15

TE.IN.I15.01.02 Demonstrates safe and cooperative use of technology (NETS: 5.a)

Measurement Topic: TE.IN.I16 Technology Operations and Concepts Capacity Matrix TE.IN.I16

TE.IN.I16.01.02 Demonstrates a keyboarding speed of 15 WPM (NETS: 6.a)

TE.IN.I16.02.02 Selects common shortcuts, menus, and toolbars to maximize productivity (NETS: 6.a)

TE.IN.I16.03.02 Uses storage devices (flash drive, CDRW, etc.) appropriately for backup and portability (NETS: 6.a)

TE.IN.I16.04.02 Creates documents or presentations with clip-art, shapes, word-art, tables etc. (NETS: 6.b)

TE.IN.I16.05.02 Decides the appropriate slide layout to create a multi-slide presentation (NETS: 6.b)

TE.IN.I16.06.02 Formats a document and/or presentation (fonts, size, underline, tabs, correct spacing after periods, line spacing, etc.) (NETS: 6.b)

TE.IN.I16.07.02 Navigates the Internet and online systems for a designated purpose (NETS: 6.b)

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