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Measurement Topic: Communications

PS.05.H21.06.01 Give formal and informal presentations using appropriate media (CTE: ESSK.02.06)

PS.05.H21.08.01 Apply active listening skills to obtain and clarify information. (CTE: ESSK.02.08)

PS.05.H21.10.01 Listen to and speak with diverse individuals for good communication (CTE: ESSK.02.10)

PS.05.H21.11.01 Exhibit public relations skills (CTE: ESSK.02.11)

Measurement Topic: Leadership and Teamwork

PS.05.H71.01.01 Employ leadership skills to accomplish organizational goals and objectives. (CTE: ESSK.07.01)

PS.05.H71.02.01 Foster positive working relationships to accomplish organizational goals. (CTE: ESSK.07.02)

PS.05.H71.03.01 Employ teamwork skills to achieve collective goals (CTE: ESSK.07.03)

PS.05.H71.05.01 Conduct and participate in meetings to accomplish work tasks. (CTE: ESSK.07.05)

PS.05.H71.06.01 Employ mentoring skills to inspire and teach others (CTE: ESSK.07.06)