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Social Studies Level 09 Capacity Matrices

Social Studies Level 09 Vocabulary



Measurement Topic: SS.09.H11 Use the historical method of inquiry to ask questions, evaluate primary and secondary sources, critically analyze and interpret data, and develop interpretations defended by evidence Capacity Matrix SS.09.H11

SS.09.H11.01.03 Evaluate a historical source for point of view and historical context. (CAS:HS.1.1.a)

SS.09.H11.02.03 Gather and analyze historical information, including contradictory data, from a variety of primary and secondary sources, including sources located on the Internet, to support or reject hypotheses. (CAS: HS.1.1.b)

SS.09.H11.03.03 Construct and defend a written historical argument using relevant primary and secondary sources as evidence. (CAS: HS.1.1.c)

SS.09.H11.04.03 Differentiate between facts and historical interpretations, recognizing that a historian's narrative reflects his or her judgment about the significance of particular facts. (CAS: HS.1.1.d)

Measurement Topic: SS.09.H12 The key concepts of continuity and change, cause and effect, complexity, unity and diversity over time Capacity Matrix SS.09.H12

SS.09.H12.01.03 Analyze continuity and change in eras over the course of United States history. (CAS:HS.1.2.g)

SS.09.H12.02.03 Investigate causes and effects of significant events in United States history. Topics to include but not limited to WWI, Great Depression, Cold War. (CAS: HS.1.2.h)

SS.09.H12.03.03 Analyze the complexity of events in United States history. Topics to include but not limited to the suffrage movement and the Civil Rights Movement. (CAS: HS.1.2.i)

SS.09.H12.04.03 Examine and evaluate issues of unity and diversity from Reconstruction to present. Topics to include but not limited to the rise and fall of Jim Crow, role of patriotism, and the role of religion. (CAS: HS.1.2.j)

Measurement Topic: SS.09.H13 The significance of ideas as powerful forces throughout history Capacity Matrix SS.09.H13

SS.09.H13.01.03 Investigate the historical development of and impact of major scientific and technological innovations. Topics to include but not limited to the Industrial Revolution. (CAS: HS.1.3.c)

SS.09.H13.02.03 Evaluate the historical development and impact of political thought, theory and actions. (CAS: HS.1.3.d)

SS.09.H13.03.03 Analyze the origins of fundamental political debates and how conflict, compromise, and cooperation have shaped national unity and diversity. Topics to include but not limited to suffrage, Civil Rights and the role of government. (CAS: HS.1.3.e)

SS.09.H13.04.03 Analyze ideas critical to the understanding of American history. Topics to include but not limited to populism, progressivism, isolationism, imperialism, anti-communism, environmentalism, liberalism, fundamentalism, and conservatism. (CAS: HS.1.3.f)

SS.09.H13.05.03 Describe and analyze the historical development and impact of the arts and literature on the culture of the United States. (CAS: HS.1.3.g)




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