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Social Studies Level 08 Capacity Matrices

Social Studies Level 08 Vocabulary



Measurement Topic: SS.08.811 Formulate appropriate hypotheses about United States history based on a variety of historical sources and perspectives Capacity Matrix SS.08.811

SS.08.811.01.03 Use and interpret documents and other relevant primary and secondary sources pertaining to United States history from multiple perspectives. (CAS: 8.1.1.a)

SS.08.811.02.03 Analyze evidence from multiple sources including those with conflicting accounts about specific events in United States history. (CAS: 8.1.1.b)

SS.08.811.03.03 Critique data for point of view, historical context, distortion, or propaganda and relevance to historical inquiry. (CAS: 8.1.1.c)

SS.08.811.04.03 Construct a written historical argument on the use or understanding of primary and secondary sources. (CAS: 8.1.1.d)

Measurement Topic: SS.08.812 The historical eras, individuals, groups, ideas and themes from the origins of the American Revolution through Reconstruction and their relationships with one another Capacity Matrix SS.08.812

SS.08.812.01.03 Determine and explain the historical context of key people and events from the origins of the American Revolution through Reconstruction including the examination of different perspectives. (CAS: 8.1.2.a)

SS.08.812.02.03 Evaluate continuity and change over the course of United States history by examining various eras and determining major sources of conflict and compromise. (CAS: 8.1.2.b)

SS.08.812.03.03 Examine factors that motivated the military and economic expansion from the American Revolution through Reconstruction. (CAS: 8.1.2.c)

SS.08.812.04.03 Evaluate the impact of different factors - on topics to include but not limited to gender, age, ethnicity and class - on groups and individuals in this time period and the impact of these groups and individuals on the events of the time period. (CAS: 8.1.2.d)

SS.08.812.05.03 Analyze causes and effects of major conflicts from the origins of the American Revolution through Reconstruction. (CAS: 8.1.2.e)

SS.08.812.06.03 Analyze ideas that are critical to the understanding of American history and give examples of the ideals involved in major events and movements. Topics to include but not limited to representative democracy, federalism, capitalism, abolition, temperance, nativism, and expansionism. (CAS: 8.1.2.f)


Measurement Topic: SS.08.821 Use geographic tools to analyze patterns in human and physical systems Capacity Matrix SS.08.821

SS.08.821.01.03 Interpret maps and other geographic tools as a primary source to analyze a historic issue. (CAS: 8.2.1.a)

SS.08.821.02.03 Describe the nature and spatial distribution of cultural patterns. (CAS: 8.2.1.b)

SS.08.821.03.03 Recognize the patterns and networks of economic interdependence. (CAS: 8.2.1.c)

SS.08.821.04.03 Explain the establishment of human settlements in relationship to physical attributes and important regional connections. (CAS: 8.2.1.d)

SS.08.821.05.03 Calculate and analyze population trends. (CAS: 8.2.1.e)

Measurement Topic: SS.08.822 Conflict and cooperation occur over space and resources Capacity Matrix SS.08.822

SS.08.822.01.03 Analyze how economic, political, cultural, and social processes interact to shape patterns of human population, interdependence, cooperation and conflict. (CAS: 8.2.2.a)

SS.08.822.02.03 Compare how differing geographic perspectives apply to a historic issue. (CAS: 8.2.2.b)

SS.08.822.03.03 Interpret from a geographic perspective the expansion of the United States by addressing issues of land, security, and sovereignty. (CAS: 8.2.2.c)


Measurement Topic: SS.08.831 Economic freedom, including free trade, is important for economic growth Capacity Matrix SS.08.831

SS.08.831.01.03 Give examples of international differences in resources, productivity, and prices that provide a basis for international trade. (CAS: 8.3.1.a)

SS.08.831.02.03 Describe the factors that lead to a nation having a comparative and absolute advantage in trade. (CAS: 8.3.1.b)

SS.08.831.03.03 Explain effects of domestic policies on international trade. (CAS: 8.3.1.c)

SS.08.831.04.03 Explain why nations often restrict trade by using quotas, tariffs, and non-tariff barriers. (CAS: 8.3.1.d)

Measurement Topic: SS.08.832 Manage personal credit and debt (PFL) Capacity Matrix SS.08.832

SS.08.832.01.03 Identify and differentiate between purposes and reasons for debt. (CAS: 8.3.2.a)

SS.08.832.02.03 Analyze benefits and costs of credit and debt. (CAS: 8.3.2.b)

SS.08.832.03.03 Compare sources of credit. (CAS: 8.3.2.c)

SS.08.832.04.03 Describe the components of a credit history. (CAS: 8.3.2.d)


Measurement Topic: SS.08.841 Analyze elements of continuity and change in the United States government and the role of citizens over time Capacity Matrix SS.08.841

SS.08.841.01.03 Describe instances in which major political, social, economic, or cultural changes occurred and the reasons for the changes. (CAS: 8.4.1.a)

SS.08.841.02.03 Analyze the changing definition of citizenship and give examples of the expansion of rights. (CAS: 8.4.1.b)

SS.08.841.03.03 Describe examples of citizens and groups who have influenced change in United States government and politics. (CAS: 8.4.1.c)

SS.08.841.04.03 Evaluate the result of various strategies for political change over time. (CAS: 8.4.1.d)

SS.08.841.05.03 Analyze primary sources supporting democratic freedoms and the founding of our government. Documents to include but no limited to the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Bill of Rights, and explain how they provide for both continuity and change. (CAS: 8.4.1.e)

SS.08.841.06.03 Examine ways citizens may effectively voice opinions, monitor government, and bring about change nationally. (CAS: 8.4.1.f)

Measurement Topic: SS.08.842 The place of law in a constitutional system Capacity Matrix SS.08.842

SS.08.842.01.03 Discern various types of law. (CAS: 8.4.2.a)

SS.08.842.02.03 Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of rule of law. (CAS: 8.4.2.b)

SS.08.842.03.03 Describe and engage in various means of conflict management. (CAS: 8.4.2.c)

SS.08.842.04.03 Explain the role and importance of the Constitution. (CAS: 8.4.2.d)

SS.08.842.05.03 Discuss the tensions between individual rights, state law, and national law. (CAS: 8.4.2.e)

SS.08.842.06.03 Explain how state and federal court power of judicial review is reflected in the United States form of constitutional government. (CAS: 8.4.2.f)

SS.08.842.07.03 Use a variety of resources to identify and evaluate issues that involve civic responsibility, individual rights, and the common good. (CAS: 8.4.2.g)

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