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Social Studies Level 01 Capacity Matrices

Social Studies Level 01 Vocabulary



Measurement Topic: SS.01.111 Describe patterns and chronological order of events of the recent past Capacity Matrix SS.01.111

SS. Arrange life events in chronological order. (CAS: 1.1.1.a)

SS. Identify the components of a calendar. Topics to include but not limited to days of the week, months, and notable events. (CAS: 1.1.1.b)

SS. Identify past events using a calendar. (CAS: 1.1.1.c)

SS. Use words related to time, sequence, and change (CAS: 1.1.1.d)

Measurement Topic: SS.01.112 Family and cultural traditions in the United States in the past Capacity Matrix SS.01.112

SS. Identify similarities and differences between themselves and others. (CAS: 1.1.2.a)

SS. Discuss common and unique characteristics of different cultures using multiple sources of information. (CAS: 1.1.2.b)

SS. Identify famous Americans from the past who have shown courageous leadership. (CAS: 1.1.2.c)

SS. Identify and explain the meaning of American national symbols. Symbols to include but not limited to the American flag, bald eagle, Statue of Liberty, Uncle Sam, the Capitol, and the White House. (CAS: 1.1.2.d)


Measurement Topic: SS.01.121 Geographic tools such as maps and globes represent places Capacity Matrix SS.01.121

SS. Explain that maps and globes are different representations of Earth. (CAS: 1.2.1.a)

SS. Use terms related to directions - forward and backward, left and right - and distance -near and far- when describing locations. (CAS: 1.2.1.b)

SS. Recite address including city, state, and country and explain how those labels help find places on a map. (CAS: 1.2.1.c)

SS. Distinguish between land and water on a map or globe. (CAS: 1.2.1.d)

SS. Create simple maps showing both human and natural features. (CAS: 1.2.1.e)

Measurement Topic: SS.01.122 People in different groups and communities interact with each other and with the environment Capacity Matrix SS.01.122

SS. Identify examples of boundaries that affect family and friends. (CAS: 1.2.2.a)

SS. Give examples of how people use and interrelate with Earth's resources. (CAS: 1.2.2.b)

SS. Identify how community activities differ due to physical and cultural characteristics. (CAS: 1.2.2.c)

SS. Give examples of how schools and neighborhoods in different places are alike and different. (CAS: 1.2.2.d)

SS. Identify cultural and family traditions and their connections to other groups and the environment. (CAS: 1.2.2.e)


Measurement Topic: SS.01.131 People work at different types of jobs and in different types of organizations to produce goods and services and receive an income Capacity Matrix SS.01.131

SS. Give examples of different types of business and the goods and services they produce for the community. (CAS: 1.3.1.a)

SS. Give examples of types of jobs people in your family have. (CAS: 1.3.1.b)

SS. Recognize that people have a choice about what kinds of jobs they do. (CAS: 1.3.1.c)

Measurement Topic: SS.01.132 Identify short-term financial goals (PFL) Capacity Matrix SS.01.132

SS. Define a short-term financial goal. (CAS: 1.3.2.a)

SS. Identify examples of short-term financial goals. (CAS: 1.3.2.b)

SS. Discuss sources of income needed to meet short-term goals such as but not limited to gifts, borrowing, allowances, and income (CAS: 1.3.2.c)


Measurement Topic: SS.01.141 Effective groups have responsible leaders and team members Capacity Matrix SS.01.141

SS. Describe the characteristics of responsible leaders. (CAS: 1.4.1.a)

SS. Identify the attributes of a responsible team member. (CAS: 1.4.1.b)

SS. Demonstrate the ability to be both a leader and team member. (CAS: 1.4.1.c)

Measurement Topic: SS.01.142 Notable people, places, holidays and patriotic symbols Capacity Matrix SS.01.142

SS. Give examples of notable leaders of different communities leaders to include but not limited to the president, mayor, governor, and law enforcement. (CAS: 1.4.2.a)

SS. Give examples of various patriotic symbols to include but not limited to the flag, bald eagle, Uncle Sam, and the national anthem. (CAS: 1.4.2.b)

SS. Identify significant places. Places to include but not limited to the Statue of Liberty, Capitol, White House, and important community sites. (CAS: 1.4.2.c)

SS. Identify significant civic holidays. (CAS: 1.4.2.d)

SS. Identify the American flag and the Colorado flag. (CAS: 1.4.2.e)

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