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CBS Professional Development

The CBS Tools and Processes page will provide users with access to templates and procedures for implementing the learner-centered practices in the classroom.

IDD Training Materials

CBS April Training

Staff Development Breakout Session - April PD notes from Jen Rizzo and Stephanie Rosch's breakout sessions

CBS Summer Symposium

During the Adams 50 Summer Symposium, each day, participants will be involved in one of four strands featuring the facilitators from the ReInventing Schools Coalition and District 50 staff.

The four strands are:

New to the Model: Leadership 1) New to the Model-Leadership will focus on the awareness and developing understanding about the Learner-centered Classroom using the RISC model of: Leadership, Shared Vision, Standards-based Design and Continuous Improvement.
New to the Model: Teacher 2) New to the Model-Teacher will focus on building capacity as a teacher in a standards-based, learner-centered classroom. This will involve learning the tools and processes of how to build a shared vision and code of conduct, the standards-based model in the teaching-learning cycle of assessing, evaluating, planning, and teaching-learning. For those participants who have experience in creating a standards-based system or attended a RISC symposium in the past, we will offer essential questions to guide the leadership and teacher strand.
Experience in the Model: Leadership 3) Experience in the Model-Leadership will focus systems thinking, continuous improvement, and capacity. This involves aligning policies, procedures and resources between the district, school and classroom, determining tight/loose procedures, defining collegiality and collective efficacy, identifying key performance indicators and the cycle times they will monitored, supporting the change process, and succession planning.
Experience in the Model: Teacher 4) Experience in the Model-Teacher will focus on setting up the classroom. This involves setting up a performance-based system: leveling students school-wide and grouping students within the classroom, setting up resources, assessments, measurement topics, backwards planning, and teaching strategies.

Materials for all strands:

Standards-based vs Standards-referenced
Scoring Guide and Marzano Taxonomy presentation This presentation served as the guide for Measurement Topic teams as they revised the Learning Targets.