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Movement Competence and Understanding

Measurement Topic: PE.08.811 Demonstrate knowledge of principles and concepts for effective rhythmic motor development Capacity Matrix PE.08.811

PE.08.811.A0.03 Use a variety of motor skill patterns to create a dance routine (CAS: 8.1.1.a)

PE.08.811.B0.03 Create and perform a timed routine using rotational, balancing, and supporting skills (CAS: 8.1.1.b)

PE.08.811.C0.03 Create, develop, and refine movement routines based on self generated themes and music (CAS: 8.1.1.c)

PE.08.811.D0.03 Integrate information from other subject matter into a movement activity or routine (CAS: 8.1.1.d)

PE.08.811.E0.03 Explain the basic movement principles used in performing various manipulative skills (CAS: 8.1.1.e)

PE.08.811.F0.03 Describe and demonstrate how movement skills learned in one physical activity can be transferred and used to help learn another physical activity (CAS: 8.1.1.f)

PE.08.811.G0.03 Explain how growth in height and weight affects performance and influences the selection of developmentally appropriate physical activity (CAS: 8.1.1.g)

PE.08.811.H0.03 Identify the characteristics of a highly skilled performance for the purpose of improving one's own performance (CAS: 8.1.1.h)

Measurement Topic: PE.08.812 Understand and apply game strategies to physical activities and sports Capacity Matrix PE.08.812

PE.08.812.A3.03 I can diagram, explain, justify, and demonstrate basic offensive and defensive strategies for a variety of games/activities (CAS: 8.1.2.a,c,h)

PE.08.812.B0.03 Apply loco motor, nonlocomotor and manipulative skills to games and sports (CAS: 8.1.2.b)

PE.08.812.D0.03 Identify relevant bio-mechanical principles (force, compactness, spin, rebound, and rotation) and their importance to the successful performance of a variety of activities (CAS: 8.1.2.d)

PE.08.812.E2.03 Develop and teach a game that incorporates designated offensive and defensive schemes, penalty and scoring systems (CAS: 8.1.2.e&i)

Physical and Personal Wellness

Measurement Topic: PE.08.821 Identify the personal, physiological,and fitness benefits of participating in a variety of physical activities Capacity Matrix PE.08.821

PE.08.821.A0.03 Build and implement a personal physical fitness plan aligned with an instructor (CAS: 8.2.1.a)

PE.08.821.B0.03 Explain the relationship between physical activity, nutrition, adequate rest and sleep, and weight management (CAS: 8.2.1.b)

PE.08.821.C0.03 Participate safely in moderate to vigorous physical activity in diverse situations (weather, travel or injury) (CAS: 8.2.1.c)

Measurement Topic: PE.08.822 Identify preferences for lifetime physical activity Capacity Matrix PE.08.822

PE.08.822.A0.03 Participate in variety of recreational activities appropriate to a geographical area (CAS: 8.2.2.a)

PE.08.822.B0.02 Match personal preferences in physical activities with the five health-related components (body composition, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, muscular endurance and muscular strength (CAS: 8.2.2.b)

Measurement Topic: PE.08.823 Determine one's responsibility for developing skills, acquiring knowledge, and achieving fitness Capacity Matrix PE.08.823

PE.08.823.A0.03 Create an individual activity portfolio that includes identifying reasons for choosing a particular physical activity; reflect on how this activity may change with a person's age (CAS: 8.2.3.a)

PE.08.823.B0.03 Set realistic fitness goals and try to reach them through activities of individual choosing (CAS: 8.2.3.b)

PE.08.823.C0.03 Maintain a physical activity log for an extended period, documenting progress toward achievement of personal goals (CAS: 8.2.3.c)

PE.08.823.D0.03 Design and participate in activities that will improve all components of health related fitness, and accumulate a recommended number of minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity outside of P.E. class 5 or more days a week (CAS: 8.2.3.d)

Emotional and Social Wellness

There are no measurement topics for this level.

Prevention and Risk Management in Physical Education

Measurement Topic: PE.08.84D Be prepared with proper athletic attire Capacity Matrix PE.08.84D

PE.08.84D.X0.03 Dress out daily in the appropriate P.E. attire

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