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Physical Education Level 06 Vocabulary

Physical Education Level 06 v3 Capacity Matrices

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Movement Competence and Understanding

Measurement Topic: PE.06.611 Apply rules and demonstrate beginning strategies in a game-like situation or activity Capacity Matrix PE.06.611

PE.06.611.A6.03 I can demonstrate beginning strategies using a variety of skills in games/activities (CAS: 6.1.1.a-f)

PE.06.611.G3.03 I can create space by combining relationships, levels, speed, direction, and pathways in lead-up and modified games (CAS: 6.1.1.g-i)

PE.06.611.X0.03 I can understand and apply rules to games and activities

Measurement Topic: PE.06.612 Participate in activities that require problem solving, cooperation, skill assessment, and team building Capacity Matrix PE.06.612

PE.06.612.A2.03 I can participate in and understand initiative and cooperative activities using problem solving skills

Measurement Topic: PE.06.613 Use information from a variety of resources to improve performance Capacity Matrix PE.06.613

PE.06.613.A0.03 I can use movement strategies in activities (CAS: 6.1.3.a)

PE.06.613.B0.03 I can analyze and correct errors in movements using feedback (peers, video) (CAS: 6.1.3.b)

.06.613.C0.03 I can develop a game using loco motor skills, manipulatives, offensive/defensive strategies and teach it to someone (CAS: 6.1.3.c)

Physical and Personal Wellness

Measurement Topic: PE.06.621 Set personal goals for improving health-related fitness Capacity Matrix PE.06.621

PE.06.621.A0.03 I can compare my physical fitness goals with research-based standards (CAS: 6.2.1.a)

PE.06.621.B0.03 I can set a SMART goal to improve muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, and body composition (CAS: 6.2.1.b)

Measurement Topic: PE.06.622 Demonstrate the ability to perform self-paced cardiovascular endurance activities Capacity Matrix PE.06.622

PE.06.622.A2.03 I can identify my target heart rate and monitor the intensity during physical activity (CAS: 6.2.2.a&b)

Measurement Topic: PE.06.623 Identify opportunities in school and in the community for regular participation in physical activity to enhance physcial fitness Capacity Matrix PE.06.623

PE.06.623.A0.03 I can participate in activities that require muscular strength and endurance (CAS: 6.2.3.a)

PE.06.623.B2.03 I can set realistic goals and strive to attain them through participation (CAS: 6.2.3.b&c)

PE.06.623.X0.03 I can make a list of 20 things I can do to be active outside of Physical Education class that can enhance my fitness

PE.06.623.Y0.03 I can apply researched knowledge about community fitness resources into a personal fitness plan

Emotional and Social Wellness

Measurement Topic: PE.06.631 Recognize diverse skill performance in others by participating cooperatively and productively in group Capacity Matrix PE.06.631

PE.06.631.A0.03 I can evaluate responsibility in group efforts (CAS: 6.3.1.a)

PE.06.631.B3.03 I can participate effectively on a team with players of different abilities and accept their differences (CAS: 6.3.1.b-d)

PE.06.631.X0.03 I can be verbally supportive and encourage all team members

Measurement Topic: PE.06.632 Work cooperatively and productively in a group Capacity Matrix PE.06.632

PE.06.632.A2.03 I can establish and accomplish goals in cooperative and competitive activities and identify the role of each participant (CAS: 6.3.2.a&b)

PE.06.632.C0.03 I can analyze possible solutions to a movement problem in a cooperative activity (CAS: 6.3.2.c)

PE.06.632.D0.03 I can resolve conflicts with peers (CAS: 6.3.2.d)

PE.06.632.X0.03 I can show respect for an activity and the equipment

PE.06.632.Y0.03 I can participate fully with a positive and productive attitude and effort

PE.06.632.Z0.03 I can demonstrate respect for a person who is officiating/leading an activity

Prevention and Risk Management in Physical Education

Measurement Topic: PE.06.641 Demonstrate movement control for safe participation in games/activities Capacity Matrix PE.06.641

PE.06.641.A2.03 I can demonstrate the responsible behaviors necessary for safe participation during activity (CAS: 6.4.1.a&b)

PE.06.641.B3.03 I can explain safety considerations prior to participation and demonstrate safety in all sports and fitness activities (CAS: 6.4.1.b-e)

Measurement Topic: PE.06.64D Implement safety procedures in the utilization of space and equipment, and personal preparedness Capacity Matrix PE.06.64D

PE.06.64D.X0.03 I can identify and participate in safe warm-up and cool-down activities

PE.06.64D.Y0.03 I am prepared daily with proper athletic attire

PE.06.64D.Z0.03 I can follow the safety rules of an activity including participation, playing conditions and practices

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