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Physical Education Level 05 Vocabulary

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Movement Competence and Understanding

Measurement Topic: PE.05.511 Demonstrates mature form for all basic locomotor, non-locomotor and rhythmic skills Capacity Matrix PE.05.511

PE.05.511.F0.03 I can demonstrate correct steps and patterns for a dance (CAS: 5.5.1.f)

PE.05.511.G0.03 I can perform a jump routine with a partner/small group (CAS: 5.1.1.g)

PE.05.511.H2.03 I can develop and refine mat activities using smooth transitions, combining loco motor/non-loco motor skills (CAS: 5.1.1.h&i)

Measurement Topic: PE.05.512 Demonstrate understanding of how to combine and apply movement concepts and the development of motor skills Capacity Matrix PE.05.512

PE.05.512.A0.03 I can combine skills to participate in a variety of activities (CAS: 5.1.2.a)

PE.05.512.B0.03 I can select appropriate practice options based on the similarities/difference between two skills (CAS: 5.1.2.b)

PE.05.512.C0.03 I can choose exercises to improve performance of an activity (CAS: 5.1.2.c)

PE.05.512.D0.03 I can analyze and correct errors in throw/catch, hand/foot dribble, strike/volley a ball with control and accuracy (CAS: 5.1.2.d)

PE.05.512.E0.03 I can analyze and correct errors in loco motor and non-loco motor movements (CAS: 5.1.2.e)

PE.05.512.F0.03 I can analyze and use basic offensive and defensive strategies and apply rules in modified games/activities (CAS: 5.1.2.f)

PE.05.512.G0.03 I can analyze and demonstrate a variety of dance movements (CAS: 5.1.2.g)

Physical and Personal Wellness

Measurement Topic: PE.05.521 Understand and apply individual fitness components to improve personal physical fitness Capacity Matrix PE.05.521

PE.05.521.A2.03 I can determine my cardiovascular training zone by accurately taking a pulse at rest and during exercise (CAS: 5.2.1.a&f)

PE.05.521.B0.03 I can develop and describe three short and long term fitness goals (CAS: 5.2.1.b)

PE.05.521.C3.03 I can correctly differentiate the body's response to activities (aerobic/anerobic) of various intensities (CAS: 5.2.1.c,j,k)

PE.05.521.D0.03 I can record and analyze food consumption for one day, and make healthy choice adjustments (CAS: 5.2.1.d)

PE.05.521.E0.03 I can explain the importance of hydrating the body during exercise (CAS: 5.2.1.e)

PE.05.521.G0.03 I can perform flexibility exercises that will stretch appropriate muscles for a given physical activity (CAS: 5.2.1.g)

PE.05.521.H0.03 I can identify, select and participate in activities to improve health-related fitness composition (CAS: 5.2.1.h)

PE.05.521.I0.03 I can engage in activities in my target heart rate zone for the duration of the activity (CAS: 5.2.1.i)

Measurement Topic: PE.05.522 Demonstrate understanding of skill related components of fitness and how they affect performance Capacity Matrix PE.05.522

PE.05.522.A0.03 I can identify an exercise that is used to develop agility, balance, coordination, power, speed and reaction time (CAS: 5.2.2.a)

PE.05.522.B0.03 I can create an exercise plan using the skill related components to improve performance in a chosen activity (CAS: 5.2.2.b)

Measurement Topic: PE.05.523 Connect health-related fitness components to the body systems Capacity Matrix PE.05.523

PE.05.523.A0.03 I can explain the importance of participation in fitness-enhancing activities using community resources (CAS: 5.2.3.a)

PE.05.523.B0.03 I can demonstrate appropriate warm-up procedures (CAS: 5.2.3.b)

PE.05.523.C0.03 I can select healthy balanced meals and snacks that improve my performance (CAS: 5.2.3.c)

Emotional and Social Wellness

Measurement Topic: PE.05.531 Assess and take responsibility for personal behavior Capacity Matrix PE.05.531

PE.05.531.A2.03 I can demonstrate responsible behavior and decision making during physical activities and when confronted with negative peer pressure (CAS: 5.3.1.a&c)

PE.05.531.B0.03 I can participate in activities with good sportsmanship and set goals for improvement (CAS: 5.3.1.b)

PE.05.531.D0.03 I can demonstrate respect for a person who is officiating (CAS: 5.3.1.d)

Measurement Topic: PE.05.532 Work cooperatively and productively in group and individual physical activities Capacity Matrix PE.05.532

PE.05.532.A2.03 I can acknowledge and accommodate individual differences in others physical abilities in various activities (CAS: 5.3.2.a)

PE.05.532.B0.03 I can listen to the ideas of others in cooperative problem solving activities and incorporate them (CAS: 5.3.2.b)

PE.05.532.D0.03 I can officiate an activity, game or sport (CAS: 5.3.2.d)

PE.05.532.E0.03 I can participate with a positive and productive attitude during activities (CAS: 5.3.2.e)

Prevention and Risk Management in Physical Education

Measurement Topic: PE.05.541 Understand and utilize safe and appropriate warm-up, pacing, and cool-down techniques for injury prevention and safe participation Capacity Matrix PE.05.541

PE.05.541.A0.03 I can prepare a report, bulletin board, or poster on safety factors for a chosen activity (CAS: 5.4.1.a)

PE.05.541.B2.03 I can identify proper warm-up and cool-down techniques that prevent injury and prepare the body for activity (CAS: 5.4.1.b&c)

PE.05.541.D0.03 I can apply safety rules for the activity and area being used (CAS: 5.4.1.d)

Measurement Topic: PE.05.542 Prepare for physical activity with proper athletic attire Capacity Matrix PE.05.542

PE.05.542.X0.03 I can be responsible for being prepared daily with proper P.E. attire

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