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Movement Competence and Understanding

Measurement Topic: PE.04.411 Part 1 Demonstrate and identify the main points of mature non-locomotor and rhythmic skills Capacity Matrix PE.04.411 Part 1

PE.04.411.A0.03 I can demonstrate how to dribble and pass an object to a moving receiver (CAS: 4.1.1.a)

PE.04.411.B0.03 I can explain the correct way to throw, catch and kick a ball to a partner (CAS: 4.1.1.b)

PE.04.411.H0.03 I can demonstrate how to throw, catch and kick a ball to a moving partner (CAS: 4.1.1.h)

PE.04.411.L0.03 I can explain and demonstrate the differences between skills such as; punting and kicking, overhand and underhand throwing (CAS: 4.1.1.l)

Measurement Topic: PE.04.411 Part 2 Demonstrate and recognize agility, balance, coordination, power, speed, and reaction time in a variety of physical education activities Capacity Matrix PE.04.411 Part 2

PE.04.411.G0.03 I can participate in activities that develop agility, balance and coordination (CAS: 4.1.1.g)

PE.04.411.G1.03 I participate in activities that develop power, speed and reaction time (CAS: 4.1.1.g)

Measurement Topic: PE.04.411 Part 3 Demonstrate and identify the main points of mature locomotor and manipulative skills Capacity Matrix PE.04.411 Part 3

PE.04.411.C0.03 I can change and adjust movement skills to changing conditions (different levels, twisting and rhythms) (CAS: 4.1.1.c)

PE.04.411.D0.03 I can demonstrate and refine gymnastic patterns and sequences using smooth transitions (CAS: 4.1.1.d)

PE.04.411.E2.03 I can create a routine to music or a dance sequence into repeatable pattern alone or with others (CAS: 4.1.1.e&i)

PE.04.411.F0.03 I can jump and land for height and distance using mature form (CAS: 4.1.1.f)

PE.04.411.J0.03 I can balance with control on a variety of objects (CAS: 4.1.1.j)

PE.04.411.K0.03 I can transfer weight between my hands and feet at different speeds (CAS: 4.1.1.k)

Measurement Topic: PE.04.412 Peer assess mature locomotor and manipulative skills Capacity Matrix PE.04.412

PE.04.412.A0.03 I can watch someone else and recognize and evaluate their movement skills (CAS: 4.1.2.a)

PE.04.412.B0.03 I can identify important elements of movement while watching a video or self assess while participating (CAS: 4.1.2.b)

Physical and Personal Wellness

Measurement Topic: PE.04.421 Explain how health-related components of fitness affect performance during physical activity Capacity Matrix PE.04.421

PE.04.421.A0.03 I can explain each principle of fitness and overload, progression and specificity (FITT) (CAS: 4.2.1.a)

PE.04.421.B0.03 I can identify correct body alignment for lower body stretches (CAS: 4.2.1.b)

PE.04.421.C0.03 I can demonstrate an exercise for each of the five health-related components (CAS: 4.2.1.c)

PE.04.421.D0.03 I can measure my heart rate before, during and after exercise (CAS: 4.2.1.d)

Measurement Topic: PE.04.422 Recognize the relationship between healthy nutrition and exercise Capacity Matrix PE.04.422

PE.04.422.A0.03 I can explain why it is important to drink water before, during and after exercise (CAS: 4.2.2.a)

PE.04.422.B0.03 I can identify healthy food, snacks and drinks that help improve performance (CAS: 4.2.2.b)

Measurement Topic: PE.04.423 Recognize the benefits of regular, moderate to vigorous physical activity Capacity Matrix PE.04.423

PE.04.423.A0.03 I can explain how being physically active everyday is important to my lifelong health (CAS: 4.2.3.a)

PE.04.423.B0.03 I can explain how what my fitness tests tell me and how it relates to my ability to perform activities (CAS: 4.2.3.b)

PE.04.423.X0.03 I can set goals to improve my level of fitness

Emotional and Social Wellness

There are no measurement topics for this level.

Prevention and Risk Management in Physical Education

Measurement Topic: PE.04.441 Identify and demonstrate movement control for safe participation in games and sports Capacity Matrix PE.04.441

PE.04.441.A0.03 I can identify proper safety equipment for physical activities that I do outside of school (CAS: 4.4.1.a)

PE.04.441.B0.03 I can explain the correct way to push, pull and lift heavy objects (CAS: 4.4.1.b)

PE.04.441.C0.03 I can tell you the proper clothing and footwear needed for P.E. class (CAS: 4.4.1.c)

PE.04.441.D0.03 I can help develop a poster of safety and P.E. rules for our class (CAS: 4.4.1.d)

PE.04.441.E0.03 I can identify the benefits of following safety procedures and rules and the risks of not following them (CAS: 4.4.1.e)

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