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Physical Education Level 02 Vocabulary

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Movement Competence and Understanding

Measurement Topic: PE.02.211 Demonstrate combinations of movement skills Capacity Matrix PE.02.211

PE.02.211.A0.03 I can combine two or more movement skills smoothly (galloping, sliding, skipping and sliding) (CAS: 2.1.1.a)

PE.02.211.B0.03 I can run into a jump, landing safely on two feet (CAS: 2.1.1.b)

PE.02.211.C0.03 I can run, hop, skip and jump without falling or bumping into others (CAS: 2.1.1.c)

PE.02.211.D0.03 I can show or tell the difference between walking, running, jumping, hopping and leaping (CAS: 2.1.1.d)

Measurement Topic: PE.02.212 Demonstrate control and balance while traveling, using different body parts and equipment Capacity Matrix PE.02.212

PE.02.212.A0.03 I can perform different loco motor movements to a variety of beats (CAS: 2.1.2.a)

PE.02.212.B0.03 I can combine two types of body rolls (log roll, egg roll, shoulder roll, forward roll) (CAS: 2.1.2.b)

PE.02.212.C0.03 I can jump a rope repeatedly (CAS: 2.1.2.c)

PE.02.212.D0.03 I can throw, catch, strike and trap objects while standing still and moving towards a partner (CAS: 2.1.2.d)

PE.02.212.E0.03 I can balance objects on various body parts and in various positions (CAS: 2.1.2.e)

PE.02.212.F0.03 I can balance while standing still or while moving on lines or low beams (CAS: 2.1.2.f)

Measurement Topic: PE.02.213 Use feedback to improve performance Capacity Matrix PE.02.213

PE.02.213.A0.03 I can use my strengths and weaknesses to improve my skills and movements (CAS: 2.1.3.a)

PE.02.213.B0.03 I can use instructor feedback to make changes in my skills and movements (CAS: 2.1.3.b)

PE.02.213.C0.03 I can tell you methods of keeping my brain healthy (CAS: 2.1.3.c)

PE.02.213.D2.03 I can tell why water and healthy foods are important to my body and brain (CAS: 2.1.3.d&e)

Physical and Personal Wellness

Measurement Topic: PE.02.221 Recognize the importance of choosing to participate in a wide variety of physical activities outside of physical education class Capacity Matrix PE.02.221

PE.02.221.A0.03 I can tell you about different physical activities and the movements involved (CAS: 2.2.1.a)

PE.02.221.B0.03 I can identify physical activities that I enjoy doing outside of PE (CAS: 2.2.1.b)

Measurement Topic: PE.02.222 Identify good brain health habits Capacity Matrix PE.02.222

PE.02.222.A0.03 I can explain the bodies fuel requirements during exercise and activity (CAS: 2.2.2.a)

PE.02.222.B0.03 I can tell you why it is important to choose healthy foods and drinks and tell you my favorite healthy foods and drinks (CAS: 2.2.2.b)

PE.02.222.C0.03 I can tell you how much sleep I should get each night (CAS: 2.2.2.c)

PE.02.222.D0.03 I can explain the changes in my body during exercise and how it makes me feel (CAS: 2.2.2.d)

PE.02.222.E0.03 I can identify feelings resulting from challenges, successes and failures that occur in physical activity (CAS: 2.2.2.e)

Emotional and Social Wellness

Measurement Topic: 02.231 Demonstrate responsible personal and social behavior that restpects seld and others in physical activity settings Capacity Matrix PE.02.231

PE.02.231.A0.03 I can describe and use good behavior while working in small and large groups (CAS: 2.3.1.a)

PE.02.231.B0.03 I can show good and non-distractive behavior while working with others (CAS: 2.3.1.b)

PE.02.231.C0.03 I can encourage others by using kind words and actions (CAS: 2.3.1.c)

Prevention and Risk Management in Physical Education

Measurement Topic: PE.02.241 Apply rules, procedures and safe practices to create a safe physical education class Capacity Matrix PE.02.241

PE.02.241.A0.03 I can use P.E. equipment responsibly and safely in small and large groups (CAS: 2.4.1.a)

PE.02.241.B0.03 I can follow safety rules for P.E. class (CAS: 2.4.1.b)

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