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Movement Competence and Understanding

Measurement Topic: PE.00.K11 Demonstrate body and spatial awareness through locomotor movement Capacity Matrix PE.00.K11

PE.00.K11.A2.03 I can move in a large group without bumping into others or falling in a variety of speeds and loco motor movements (CAS: K.1.1.a&b)

PE.00.K11.C0.03 I can create shapes using a variety of body parts at different levels and combinations (CAS: K.1.1.c)

PE.00.K11.D0.03 I can move in zigzag, curved and straight pathways (CAS: K.1.1.d)

PE.00.K11.E0.03 I can move in opposition and alternately (CAS: K.1.1.e)

PE.00.K11.F0.03 I can move synchronously with others (CAS: K.1.1.f)

PE.00.K11.G0.03 I can chase someone and run away from someone chasing me (CAS: K.1.1.g)

Measurement Topic: PE.00.K12 Locate the major parts of the body Capacity Matrix PE.00.K12

PE.00 K12.A0.03 I can move my body to a variety of visual and verbal instructions (CAS: K.1.2.a)

PE.00.K12.B0.03 I know the front, back and side of my body (CAS: K.1.2.b)

Physical and Personal Wellness

Measurement Topic: PE.00.K21 Understand that physical activity increases the heart rate, making the heart stronger Capacity Matrix PE.00.K21

PE.00.K21.A0.03 I can tell you that when my heart is beating faster during physical activity it means that I am exercising (CAS: K.2.1.a)

PE.00.K21.B0.03 I can exercise for all of the activity (CAS: K.2.1.b)

PE.00.K21.C0.03 I can tell which activities make my heart beat faster (CAS: K.2.1.c)

Emotional and Social Wellness

Measurement Topic: PE.00.K31 Demonstrate respect for self, others and equipment Capacity Matrix PE.00.K31

PE.00.K31.A0.03 I can share and take turns while not touching others (CAS: K.3.1.a)

PE.00.K31.B0.03 I can tell someone how I feel when I exercise (CAS: K.3.1.b)

PE.00.K31.C0.03 I can be a leader and a follower (CAS: K.3.1.c)

PE.00.K31.D0.03 I can help to manage equipment (CAS: K.3.1.d)

PE.00.K31.E0.03 I can play nicely by myself (CAS: K.3.1.e)

Measurement Topic: PE.00.K32 Demonstrate the ability to follow directions Capacity Matrix PE.00.K32

PE.00.K32.A0.03 I can start and stop when told or signaled (CAS: K.3.2.a)

PE.00.K32.B0.03 I can follow a set of instructions (CAS: K.3.2.b)

PE.00.K32.C0.03 I can raise my hand and wait my turn when I want to speak (CAS: K.3.2.c)

PE.00.K32.D0.03 I can follow class rules (CAS: K.3.2.d)

Prevention and Risk Management in Physical Education

There are no measurement topics for this level.

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