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Personal/Social Skills Level 03 Capacity Matrices

Personal/Social Skills Level 03 Learning Target Bar Chart

Personal Social Skills Level 03 Strand Cards

Personal Social Skills Level 03 Score Sheet


Effective Participators

Measurement Topic: Identify Issues (.05)

PS. Expand scope of thinking by giving a voice to minority or unheard view points. (Colorado PWR Standard 2.4.2)

Measurement Topic: Find Solutions (.06)

PS. Participate on a solution-focused team and provide significant input to complete a task. (Colorado PWR Standard 2.9.3)

Measurement Topic: Persuade Others (.07)

PS. Make a complex decision based on research. (Colorado PWR Standard 2.1.3)

Measurement Topic: Get Involved (.08)

PS. Participate in different groups outside of school. (Colorado PWR Standard 2.4.2)

Reflective Learners

Measurement Topic: Set Yourself Challenges (.13)

PS. Demonstrate learning by experimenting with different learning styles. (Colorado PWR Standard 2.2.3)

Measurement Topic: Plan-do-review (.14)

PS. Evaluate progress toward measurable goals or outcomes for long-term project. (Colorado PWR Standard 2.6.1)

Measurement Topic: Invite Feedback (.15)

PS. Systematically solicit feedback and use it to improve the product. (Colorado PWR Standard 2.8.1)

Measurement Topic: Share Learning (.16)

PS. Work with a peer to improve one’s work. (Colorado PWR Standard 2.9.3)


Measurement Topic: Be Organized (.17)

PS. Use a personal planner or PDA to keep track of deadlines necessary for a multiple-week project and ensure project is completed by deadline. (Colorado PWR Standard 2.6.1)

Measurement Topic: Go for it, finish it. (.18)

PS. Push yourself strategically to complete a project when obstacles are encountered. (Colorado PWR Standard 2.6.1)

Measurement Topic: Manage Emotions (.19)

PS. Own responsibility for actions that have contributed to a conflict. (Colorado PWR Standard 2.6.3)

Measurement Topic: Manage Risk (.20)

PS. Conduct a risk assessment (e.g., cost/benefit analysis) to determine potential positive and negative outcomes prior to making an informed decision. (Colorado PWR Standard 2.6.4)

Team Workers

Measurement Topic: Take Responsibility (.21)

PS. Facilitate a team focused on clear goals and help resolve conflict when it occurs. (Colorado PWR Standard 2.7.3)

Measurement Topic: Build Team Strengths (.22)

PS. Recognize the body language of others and respond in a positive, supportive manner. (Colorado PWR Standard 2.6.4)

Measurement Topic: Manage the Team (.23)

PS. Monitor progress of a long-term project using both short- and long-term goals. (Colorado PWR Standard 2.6.1)

Measurement Topic: Evaluate the Team (.24)

PS. Publicly recognize team success and celebrate achievements with team members. (Colorado PWR Standard 2.8.1)

Future Orientation

Measurement Topic: Career Exploration and Development (.25)

PS. Analyze personal abilities, skill interests and motivation that contribute to career choices and goals. (Colorado PWR Standard 2.7.2)

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The Adams 50 Personal Social Learning Targets have been adapted from the work of Dan Buckley and Anna Hazeldine.