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Performing Arts Level 08 Capacity Matrices

Performing Arts Level 08 Learning Target Bar Graph - Spanish


Expression of Music

Measurement Topic: Rhythm and Pitch (.01)

PA. Perform correct rhythms and pitches in Medium ensemble repertoire

Measurement Topic: Technique and Tone (.02)

PA. Demonstrate elements of correct playing posture, instrument position, hand position, embouchure, and breathing technique while performing Medium repertoire

PA. Demonstrate awareness of diversity by performing Medium music from various cultures and historical time periods using appropriate technique and tone

Measurement Topic: Ensemble Skills (.03)

PA. Demonstrate advanced ensemble skills in rehearsals and assigned scheduled performances needed to perform Medium ensemble music (listening and adjusting, performing dynamics as a group)

Measurement Topic: Interpret/Express (.04)

PA. Perform dynamics and articulations from markings in Medium repertoire to express the meaning of the text and/or composer (i.e., forte for anger)

Measurement Topic: Style (.05)

PA. Describe and perform characteristics of a variety of different genres and styles (forms used in historical periods)

Theory of Music

Measurement Topic: Pitches and Rhythms (.06)

PA. Read, explain, perform, and notate pitches and rhythms found in Medium ensemble repertoire

PA. Sight read Medium Easy ensemble repertoire

Measurement Topic: Notation Conventions (.07)

PA. Demonstrate understanding of musical symbols and terminology contained in their assigned Medium repertoire (marcato, etc.)

Measurement Topic: Form (.08)

PA. Visually and/or aurally identify more complex forms (e.g. Theme and Variations)

Creation of Music

Measurement Topic: Improvise (.09)

PA. Improvise simple melodies (short musical phrase)

Measurement Topic: Compose (.10)

PA. Express musical ideas by creating and combining simple rhythmic and melodic phrases

Aesthetic Valuation of Music

Measurement Topic: Musical Elements (.11)

PA. Explain contrasts in melody

PA. Explain contrasts in timbre

PA. Compare and contrast musical elements of various styles, such as rhythm, and harmony

Measurement Topic: Performance and Compositions (.12)

PA. Exhibit audience behavior appropriate to the style and genre during performances of Medium repertoire

PA. Using given criteria, analyze individual and ensemble performances of Medium repertoire

Measurement Topic: Roles of Musicians (.13)

PA. Lead a discussion regarding the roles of musicians in various cultures and historical time periods

Measurement Topic: Context (.14)

PA. Discuss distinguishing characteristics of music to various cultures and historical time periods (e. g. sonata-allegro form used in classical music)

Drama Creation

Measurement Topic: Character Development (.15)

PA. Discover a character’s main objectives and motivations and translate these into voice, language, and movement unique to the character.

PA. Act on character obstacles through use of recall of sensory and personal experience as well as observation of the external world.

PA. Develop character tactics through use of recall of sensory and personal experience as well as observation of the external world.

Measurement Topic: Design Technology (.16)

PA. Demonstrate technical skills necessary for theatrical production.

PA. Analyze the role of a technical crewmember and apply this analysis through participation as part of the technical team.

Measurement Topic: Directing (.17)

PA. Manage the rehearsal process.

PA. Utilize theatre conventions during the rehearsal and production process.

PA. Determine appropriate production elements that enhance storytelling.

Measurement Topic: Play Writing (.18)

PA. Analyze a script to make production choices that compliment the purpose and content of the work.

PA. Solve artistic problems in the directing process.

Drama Performance

Measurement Topic: Acting (.19)

PA. Develop a strategy to perform sustained characters. (This is in conjunction with the measurement topic on character development).

PA. Use motivation to create a character.

PA. Achieve and maintain believable characters through use of artistic discipline.

Critical Response

Measurement Topic: Theatre Etiquette Ethics (.20)

PA. Demonstrate ethics as an audience member through attending live performances.

Measurement Topic: Critical Evaluation (.21)

PA. Evaluate one’s own work throughout the production process.

Measurement Topic: Careers (.22)

PA. Investigate a particular area of the production process to discover its contributions to performance.

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