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Performing Arts Level 03 Capacity Matrices


Expression of Music

Measurement Topic: PA.03.311 Perform from memory and use simple traditional rotation Capacity Matrix PA.03.311

PA.03.311.01.02 Use correct vocal and instrumental techniques when singing and playing instruments (CAS: 3.1.1.a)

PA.03.311.02.02 Recognize and follow conductor's beat patterns and gestures (CAS: 3.1.1.b)

PA.03.311.03.02 Perform expressively for peers in a large or small group (CAS: 3.1.1.c)

Measurement Topic: PA.03.312 Perform extended rhythmic, melodic, and harmonic patterns Capacity Matrix PA.03.312

PA.03.312.04.02 Perform I-V accompaniments in simple keys (CAS: 3.1.2.d)

Creation of Music

Measurement Topic: PA.03.321 Create short musical phrases and patterns Capacity Matrix PA.03.321

PA.03.321.01.02 Improvise four measures within a musical selection (CAS: 3.2.1.a)

Measurement Topic: PA.03.322 Notate music using basic notation structure Capacity Matrix PA.03.322

PA.03.322.01.02 Create phrases using learned rhythms and pitches on a treble clef staff (CAS: 3.2.2.a)

Theory of Music

Measurement Topic: PA.03.331 Apply and demonstrate use of basic dynamics, tempo, meter, and articulation using appropriate music vocabulary Capacity Matrix PA.03.331

PA.03.331.01.02 Apply vocabulary for pianissimo/fortissimo, largo/allegro, and legato/staccato when describing musical examples (CAS: 3.3.1.a)

Measurement Topic: PA.03.332 Analyze simple notational elements and form in music Capacity Matrix PA.03.332

PA.03.332.01.02 Visually identify line and space notes and notate pitches on the treble clef staff (CAS: 3.3.2.a)

Measurement Topic: PA.03.333 Identify vocal and instrumental tone colors Capacity Matrix PA.03.333

PA.03.333.01.02 Indentify families of instruments visually and aurally (CAS: 3.3.3.a)

Measurement Topic: PA.03.334 Identify and aurally recognize simple melodic, rhythmic and harmonic patterns Capacity Matrix PA.03.334

PA.03.334.02.02 Identify and notate using sixteenth and dotted half notes (CAS: 3.3.4.b)

Aesthetic Valuation of Music

Measurement Topic: PA.03.341 Identify personal preferences for specific music Capacity Matrix PA.03.341

PA.03.341.02.02 Demonstrate how music communicates meaning of text, feelings, personal preferences, etc. (CAS: 3.4.1.b) SBS: PA.03.341.03.02 | PA.03.341.03.02]] Demonstrate respect for the music preferences and opinions of others (CAS: 3.4.1.c)

Measurement Topic: PA.03.342 Respond to and make informed judgments about music through participation, performance, and the creative process Capacity Matrix PA.03.342

PA.03.342.01.02 Select and use specific criteria in making judgments about the quality of a musical performance (CAS: 3.4.2.a)

Measurement Topic: PA.03.343 Articulate music's, significance within an individual musical experience Capacity Matrix PA.03.343

PA.03.343.03.02 Identify differences and commonalities in music from various cultures (CAS: 3.4.3.c)

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