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Measurement Topic: DR.HS.H11 Character development in improvised and scripted works

DR.HS.H11.03.01 Demonstrate fundamental motivation knowledge, and employ several strategies to discover what the character wants

DR.HS.H11.04.01 Demonstrate several ways to overcome the character's obstacle (CAS: HSE.1.1.c)

DR.HS.H11.05.01 Identify and employ numerous tactics to get what the character wants (CAS: HSE.1.1.d)

Measurement Topic: DR.HS.H12 Technical design and application of technical elements

DR.HS.H12.03.01 Describe and demonstrate artistic choices in the use of technology pertaining to technical elements of production (CAS: HSE.1.2.c)

Measurement Topic: DR.HS.H13 Ideas and creative concepts in improvisation and play building

DR.HS.H13.02.01 Use correct form and structure independently to write a one-act play that includes full character development, believable dialogue, and logical plot outcomes (CAS: HSE.1.3.b)

DR.HS.H13.04.01 Participate in virtual playwriting and virtual society using contemporary Internet technology (CAS: HSE.1.3.d)

Measurement Topic: DR.HS.H14 Creation, appreciation, and interpretation of scripted works

DR.HS.H14.01.01 Select a one-act play for public performance, and write a director's concept statement for the interpretation of the work (CAS: HSE.1.4.a)

DR.HS.H14.02.01 Develop a plan for the audition casting process, and create and implement a complete rehearsal production schedule (CAS: HSE.1.4.b)


Measurement Topic: DR.HS.H21 Drama and theatre techniques, dramatic forms, performance styles, and theatrical conventions that engage audiences

DR.HS.H21.02.01 Master the fundamental requirements, and demonstrate the ability to rehearse and exhibit the following forms and skills: 1. Original works, scripted plays, scenes and monologues 2. Ensemble works 3. Improvisation and purposeful movement 4. Vocal control 5. Design and media 6. Public speaking (CAS: HSE.2.1.b)

DR.HS.H21.04.01 Create an interdisciplinary project involving drama or theatre that can be integrated to enhance school wide curriculum (CAS: HSE.2.1.d)

DR.HS.H21.05.01 Use correct form and structure independently to write a one-act play that includes fully developed characters, believable dialogue, and logical plot outcomes (CAS: HSE.2.1.e)

DR.HS.H21.06.01 Determine through problem spotting if another actor's or one's own performance is believable and truthful (CAS: HSE.2.1.f)

Critically Respond

Measurement Topic: DR.HS.H31 Contemporary and historical context of drama

DR.HS.H31.02.01 Research, evaluate, and synthesize cultural and historical information to support artistic choices (CAS: HSE.3.1.b)

Measurement Topic: DR.HS.H32 Elements of drama, dramatic forms, performance styles, and dramatic techniques and conventions

DR.HS.H32.03.01 Reflect and revise critical choices pertaining to dramatic texts and performances while articulating, justifying, and applying personal criteria (CAS: HSE.3.2.c)

DR.HS.H32.04.01 Script, film, or edit a documentary or satirical analysis on current events in school, community, or national or international news (CAS: HSE.3.2.d)

DR.HS.H32.05.01 Describe the functions, meanings, contributions, and significance of theatrical works within various cultures throughout history (CAS: HSE.3.2.e)

Measurement Topic: DR.HS.H33 Respect for theatre professions, cultural relationships, and legal responsibilities

DR.HS.H33.04.01 Demonstrate awareness of professional ethics as an audience, cast, or crew member (CAS: HSE.3.3.d)